Happy New Year & 50K+ hits (and counting) & @timminchin’s #Storm!

Imagine my delight when I saw the counter zip past 49 (now past 51) thousand. Yes, it’s taken a while. Yes, a wee bit behind Facebook and Wikipedia. But since my only goal when I started this site was to add a voice to the movement, I’m way more than satisfied.

What’s funny to me, though, is I imagine the most popular and not best written post seems to be my rant on AA. While I’m glad that’s brought people here, I kind of wish it had been something better.

Oh, well.

Now onto what I teased in the title. I’ve known about Minchin for a bit, but I’ve never found the time to check out his work. Then, completely randomly, I happened upon his (with DC Turner and Tracy King) Storm while looking at other stuff. And it’s fucking fantastic.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve either gotten into or almost gotten into conversations as described below. And like the narrator protagonist, I’ve been warned by partners not to get into it. But, like Minchin’s character, I have a very short fuse for bullshit, especially bullshit which leads directly to harm.

Happy New Year and enjoy!

2 Responses to “Happy New Year & 50K+ hits (and counting) & @timminchin’s #Storm!”

  1. Tony Jiang Says:

    hey just check this out… http://raptureintheairnow.com/real-angel-sightings-amp-sounds/angelic-visitation-jesus-is-coming heh so what do you think about this drug trip?

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