All hail the @realanews Podcast! Vol. I & II now live!

When Brian and Lee started their podcast, I had every intention, EVERY INTENTION, of supporting them by posting every new episode, EVERY NEW EPISODE, whether I were in it or not, right here.

That didn’t happen.

I don’t remember when the shit went down. Maybe it was as early as the sixth episode, but I put off posting it by one day. That’s it. One. Before I knew it, though, I was three episodes behind, then 10. Now they’re into their 20-something-th, and I’m just now writing about I-X. So I’ve realized something. I’m just not gonna bother keeping up. I’ll try to keep up with linking to clusters of them and specifically post about the ones I’m in, but I’m tired of the self-imposed guilt trips.

Sorry, guys. I tried. Remorse face.

With that said, you can find Vol. I here and Vol. II here.

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