Thank you, @danieldennett, for your (brief) @tedtalks on @RickWarren

It might surprise some to read that I’m actually not a giant TED fan. Some of the talks are great, like this one, but some, like Andrew Stanton’s self-congratulatory John Carter ad ostensibly about story structure (the film later bombed so hard the then-current Disney regime was dismissed), are crap.

It might also surprise some to read that I don’t subscribe to the oft-spouted atheist doctrine that religion is useless. While it’s easily argued that religion can be bad, often genocidally destructive, the evidence shows that religion is useful.

In fact, to quote a linguistic law that if two words mean exactly the same thing, one falls out of a language, so too it goes for religion. If it had no use at all, if people found no value in it whatsoever, it would die.

Dennett here argues that religion evolves, adapts, improves, like any biological organism. He makes some very good points. I’m not with him on all his observations of Warren’s book The Purpose-Driven Life, like it being “brilliant,” but I understand why he says it. (Thirty million copies sold doesn’t equal 30 million people finding purpose; it equals Warren selling 30 million books.)

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