Behold, my completely true, non-hyperbolic account of how @OpheliaBenson literally assaulted me in “dear|OPHELIA ‘CREEP!’ BENSON”!

My first YouTube upload in a really long time. And my first real foray into the whole “misogyny” battle raging in the community. I’m still on the fence as to whether it’ll be the last because, honestly, most of the discussion I’ve heard bores me to tears or seems completely useless.

As of now, the video only has a few views, but the opinions are in. About 50.50. The first comment struck a chord:

“I want my 20 minutes back. So let’s be clear, You make a 20 minute video because you ‘admittedly’ hassled the shit out of Ophelia and when she finally got annoyed, she blocked you.”


I responded merely by pointing out that I haven’t confirmed that I’ve been blocked and also that Benson was a willing participant.

But the comment gave me additional pause. By the time I saw the video with the comment, I’d seen it a few times. And I have to admit MyCats has a couple of points. The first cut of the video was 25 minutes. Yeah. Twenty five. The only reason some of it was cut was what I mention in the video on the whole “harassment”/”hassle” issue. Twenty minutes was indeed long and I’m gonna have to reel myself in next time. Especially in the middle.

On the other hand, however, though this was •only• a Twitter conversation, I felt and still feel that it speaks of a larger issue. Benson made a claim–a very serious claim–and wasn’t willing to back it up. I called her on it. If she’s gonna be considered a leader of the community, even a minor one about whom I was indifferent, the standards of logic and evidence don’t suddenly vanish because they’re no longer convenient for her. If she’s going to hold a certain station of respect, it’s not only her job to earn it, which many would argue she has, but also to maintain it. Such a thing isn’t perpetually guaranteed based solely on the cult of personality.

And let’s pretend for a second that my mistake about “harassment”/”hassle” had been true. That she had said I harassed her. It’s not okay for our fellows in the community, even our more famous ones, to drop accusations like “misogyny” or “harassment” without being willing to back them up. Such accusations often have real-life consequences and the accusers must take responsibility for their actions. We must challenge even our more prominent community members on their actions because if we don’t, we’re no different from the blindly faithful, following our leaders merely because of their charisma or because of the appeal of authority. That, and sometimes, even our most prominent community leaders are completely fucking full of shit.

UPDATE: I’ve since heard that MyCatsareMyGods is none other than EllenBeth Wachs. I’ve not yet confirmed this. But if it is, hi, EllenBeth! Nobody forced you to watch (the whole thing)!

7 Responses to “Behold, my completely true, non-hyperbolic account of how @OpheliaBenson literally assaulted me in “dear|OPHELIA ‘CREEP!’ BENSON”!”

  1. EllenBeth Wachs is an idiot and a disgrace to the atheist community.

  2. Dixie6256 Says:

    Anton, I put this here to avoid being a challenge on your video with 500+ views. Feel free to delete it.

    I’ve heard from folk who think that you’re more wrong than right but ultimately worthwhile. Frankly, it’s not an iota my benefit of the doubt being extended: I’d say you’ve not shown a willingness to examine and acknowledge anything that doesn’t fit your mindset. But I believe there’s something–if your goal is to act based on knowledge–that you need to read thoroughly.

    Yes, I know it’s the horrid FfTB, but…multiple links so that you can determine the extent and accuracy for yourself. No, there’s nothing I’ll “do” any differently no matter what you decide. Oh, I’ll argue against your position with publicly known information if you stay the course, but not a word that I came here to put the above link in this comment. I guess the main thing that factors in for me is that I’ve had friends who really REALLY wanted me not to fuck something up, and you obviously do, too.

    • Hi Dixie,

      Thanks for writing. I appreciate your consideration of the limitations of YouTube comments. I may take a look at the link you’ve provided. I may not. And that has nothing to do with the “horrid” FtB. It’s more a question of whether I want to spend time on it.

      I’m not sure what position of mine you’d argue against, so I’ll just let that lie there.

      Thanks for dropping by.


    • Hmm, I’ve been wondering about Svan. I hear complaints about her, but never bothered to see why. I skimmed it. Meh. Non-issue. Her beef with the A-News guys & Slymepit are not mine. Thanks for sharing.

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