Screw you, @Stefanelli, for stealing my thunder on @DaylightAtheism’s ableist, petition-y bullshit!

Actually, that’s a total bullshit lie. I had no intention of ever doing a video on Adam Lee’s “if you’re not with us, you’re EVIL–Oh, and Thunderf00t’s a dick” petition. One, because it’s meaningless and two because it’s irrelevant (Yes, Adam, I’ve read it). Though had I, I would’ve semi-mockingly brought up the point that in Lee’s “inclusion” list of traits like race, gender, blah blah, he doesn’t include physical ability. What, fuck us blind, those crippled, those mentally challenged? Screw the gimps? (I’m one so I can say that–nar nar.) So, given all this, it’s a damn good thing Stefanelli beat me to it.

I mean, seriously, three separate direct references to Thunderf00t? And I thought my Ophelia Benson video was petty.

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