#LeeMoore of @realanews emphasizes call for peace; @weareatheism & @NationalAtheist join in

I’ve heard tell that there are some who are still against this, and that’s fine; maybe they’ll change their minds soon. Until then, Moore is building a coalition and I’m glad to see it.

As I said here, now that I’ve called a truce with Ophelia Benson (as I believe she has with me), I encourage her to accept Moore’s invitation to go on A-News for a discussion. I understand her hesitation in doing so, but for my part, should I join as well, I promise to behave.

If she chooses not to join, that’s obviously okay too. I trust that the movement will figure out the current skirmish sooner or later.

6 Responses to “#LeeMoore of @realanews emphasizes call for peace; @weareatheism & @NationalAtheist join in”

  1. Good man, we need mediators that aren’t embroiled into drama already (not that it is their fault in the first place). It is much harder to talk things out, instead of just picking a side.

  2. Dixie6256 Says:

    Lee has made his idea much more workable with the decision to find an outside moderator. I hope he knows that the judiciary thing–avoiding a hint of impropriety–was the main factor. It may well be that he would have been an excellent moderator. However, having done podcasts with RP (who has made no secret of his opinion) makes that difficult.

    I think each “round” needs to have a clear and FOCUSED (what can I say, I loves me my caps) scope. I know that’s going to be hard to do for the first one–maybe two, but if it can be done, I welcome it. If you’ve got any input, maybe put in a word.

    And although it got garbled, I figured out most of your “Once upon a time there was an ant on a hill and a pixie came along…” It was non-offensively cute. I can see myself not doing more ripping in the future because you did a superb job of laying out the basics of what’s happening now on both sides without dragging in the past. “We each apologized for things” was perfectly succinct in my book. Nobody needs to know the exact details of the truce between two warring nations. No matter how nosy, outsiders don’t even need to have a hint.

    With that, I hope I can offer a suggestion. What if you put something like “As of 6 February: We each apologized for things” in the drop box? One good thing about such a line is that it may rid you of me more quickly or reduce me to saying a robotic, “C’mon! Didn’t you read the update?”

    That adrenalin rush of nervous anticipation you talked about? I got a bit of it when you said you may do another video on this area in the future. But you know what? It didn’t last long. I can’t imagine your not scripting the next one to be sure you are saying exactly what you want/mean to say–with evidence.

    Bonne chance, Anton.

    • I think a moderator is a great idea and actually didn’t know about it until you pointed it out.

      I agree, too, that Moore’s proximity to Paden makes guilt-by-association very easy. But that’s their problem. 🙂 I’ve also seen from Moore’s posted links that Myers has no interest in conviviality, which is, in turn, his problem. I maintain optimism that this, too, shall pass. Reason always prevails.

      I’ve spoken to parties involved. I don’t know if they’ll listen to my suggestions as some of my suggestions would involve a great deal of “letting go” on the part of some.

      As I wrote to you directly, rip me to your heart’s content.

      It may surprise you to learn that I actually found some of Benson’s objections, like posting a picture and my side of correspondence, surprising. It’s not a comment on her, exactly, it’s more of a comment on my oft-lack of social graces. I’m often reminded, sometimes harshly, of that lack and have to then check it.

      At first, I didn’t even know what you meant by “drop box.” Now I do. I’ll think about it. It’s been more of an issue of what to write rather than whether to write.

      Take care,


  3. I’ve spoken to parties involved. I don’t know if they’ll listen to my suggestions as some of my suggestions would involve a great deal of “letting go” on the part of some.

    Considering how little of your entire life has been spent even knowing who Ophelia Benson is, I’d think that a GREAT DEAL OF “LETTING GO” would be easy to achieve.

    Especially when letting go means you don’t have to hide/minimize/quibble over what you’ve been saying when people whose ends you’ve written to support come asking.

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