Behold, @Rocko2466’s very amusing “Dramatic Reading – Episode 5: Invasion of the Photo Snatchers”!

Though I consider everything on this issue settled, I thought this was pretty funny. I love the motion graphics, sound FX, and you can’t beat the British (Australian?) accent.

In case anyone’s wondering, no, I did not request it. Rocko sort of just announced out of the blue that he’d make it and I honestly thought he was kidding. More specifically, what I thought he was kidding about was simply reading the text with friends, not making a video.

But make one he did and I hope he does more.

12 Responses to “Behold, @Rocko2466’s very amusing “Dramatic Reading – Episode 5: Invasion of the Photo Snatchers”!”

  1. Tony Jiang Says:

    hey have you ever heard of a guy called sye ten burggengate? or talked with him?

  2. Dixie6256 Says:

    After my first two comments on that video–for which you received email notifications, of course, since they were replies to you–I wrote…a bit more.

    Keeping in mind that multiple notifications can cause irritation, I wrote directly on that YouTube channel and am using this method of communication to keep your inbox as clear as possible.

    • I appreciate the effort, but keep in mind that in my opinion, you’ve demonstrated yourself to be, for lack of better terms, argumentative and combative for their own sakes. As long as that’s true, I’ll only respond if I feel it’s worth my time. Your previous comment on Moore’s call for peace is a prime example of worth my time.

      • I read the comments on the video. Confusing, but I left them up. I’m sure Dixie knows what Dixie means.

        • I didn’t bother. Waste of time. Funny that EllenBeth suggested I get a hobby. Dixie/Yvonne seems to be in more need of one.

          • Hey, Anton. Wanna tell everyone what request you made of me by email? How’d you get that addy anyway? Why did you use it? I never gave it to you or asked for private communication. I really should have gone with my first impulse and not answered you with options or written an “I DIDN’T ASK FOR PRIVATE COMMUNICATIONS, ANTON” message on your channel. Since I told you to stop representing Ophelia from private communications, I thought for sure you’d be honorable enough or smart enough not to do it again. You sure proved me wrong.

            I mean this, in case it’s not clear: .everybody here would understand whom you meant with “Dixie.” Who is supposed to be clued in by the /Yvonne?

            Passive-aggressive cowardly swipes–damn, you’re good at those.

            • Hey, Dixie,

              Allow me to answer your questions.

              1. Do I want to tell everyone about the request I made of you over e-mail? You mean this?

              Hi Dixie (sorry I don’t know your name),

              Could you please do me a favor and re-diect your conversations on my video to private ones with the individuals? While I have no problem with your debating the finer points of the video, the every-few-minutes comment-update e-mails I get from YouTube are getting irritating.

              Thanks in advance,

              Or were you referring to this?

              Hi Dixie,

              I checked out YouTube’s settings and it’s a bit of an all-or-nothing. Either I accept e-mail notifications of new comments or I don’t. As to your question, my suggestion was to write to individuals directly a la regular, old e-mail, not in comments. That won’t be broadcast anywhere.

              By the way, I’ll respond to your comment on my site shortly. I respond to comments right away when I think I can give a quick and easy answer. Yours would take a bit more effort. 🙂

              Or possibly this?

              Hi Dixie,

              Still gonna get to your comment… I’ve given this a lot of thought and I’ve decided I agree with you, that my request was silly, that if I cherish open discourse, I have to be okay with even that with which I don’t agree or which I find annoying. Rip me to your heart’s content.

              It’s true. I’d requested that you move a conversation, which was obviously between you and someone else, between you and that someone else. I’d made the request solely for the purpose of reducing my e-mail from both of you.

              2. Where did I get your e-mail address? Oh, that’s easy. You gave it to me. When you filled out the comment form.

              3. Why did I use your e-mail address? It seemed the most likely way of directly getting in touch with you in order to reduce the number of e-mail messages I got from you and your sparring partner(s).

              4. Who’s supposed to be clued in by the “/Yvonne”? Anyone who wasn’t previously clued in.

              Now that I’ve answered your questions, I’d like to make a couple of things clear. Call me whatever you want. Think of me whatever you want. Feel about me whatever you want. Say about me whatever you want. You already do. I don’t care. From this point on, I’m ignoring you, on this forum and all others. I may even reserve the right to block you here and on my channel should you choose to make argumenta ad verbosum on either. I haven’t decided yet. In either case…

              Have a nice life. 🙂

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