The Church of @Scientology bends me over a slimy trash can and makes sweet, nasty love to my #cochlea!

First, I saw this (now removed due to a copyright claim by the Church of Scientology.  It had the words “One. God. Further. Atheism” at the end), courtesy of folks like Cult of Dusty:

Someone had declared to me, “Yay! An atheist super bowl ad!” I was immediately skeptical. Of course I was. Even if American Atheists, Atheist Alliance International, and every other atheist organization pooled their resources, I doubt they’d scrape together enough cash not only to produce such a high-end ad, but also pay for the air time during the super bowl.

Then I saw this, courtesy of the e-meter-ers:

Imagine my crushing disappointment. Sure, I’d been skeptical, but I’d also been hopeful. Yay! An atheist super bowl ad! What better way to let people know it’s okay to be atheist and out about it than during arguably one of the more “American” of events?

Then a friend commented on the “atheist” ad on Facebook. Words of encouragement. I corrected him on the origin of the ad. He basically said that hey, if it’s a great message and a great ad, he didn’t mind co-opting it.

That struck me. Does a message maintain its meaning if it’s co-opted by one group to essentially express the opposite of what it was intended to express by the originating group? I’m not sure. For now, I’m siding with my friend.

3 Responses to “The Church of @Scientology bends me over a slimy trash can and makes sweet, nasty love to my #cochlea!”

  1. Are you fucking kidding me? First of all this ad is like a car or
    pharmaceutical ad where the content has nothing to do with the
    product (most religions are sold but not a sold product per se the
    Church of Scientology charges its members huge amounts of
    money to advance to higher levels. )This Church makes the bible
    and its fairy tales look like quantum physics. It’s completely insane
    and of course flies in the face of and is not supported by anything
    remotely resembling science. I’m shocked that a mainstream
    huge event would run an ad from this insane organization. I’m
    not saying the good folks who put together the Superbowl fiasco
    have credibility but I would assume with all the money and
    cultural influence they control they would have some connection
    with reality. To be an Atheist is usually in part to oppose (at least
    for yourself no one wants to tell anyone what to do or believe
    though we can be aware of and object to the social and cultural
    impact) organized religion. Atheism(as Bill Maher has pointed out)
    is not a belief but the absence of a belief. It doesn’t need an
    organization or club it needs to be destigmatized and normalized.

  2. I’m going to draw a 12 step parallel here. That stuff is equally crazy
    (less in the crazy sci fi stuff more in a psychological and intellectual,
    using that term very loosely, respect) the vast majority of people
    when presented with the actual content these cults put forth as
    timeless truth if not at first at least eventually don’t accept something
    so completely ridiculous. But society in all of its superficiallity doesn’t
    bat an eye examine or question such organizations or bother to
    find out who they are what they believe or what their practices are.
    This may seem like a leap but I believe this is how a Nazi party
    infiltrates and hoodwinks a society (this is also how psychopaths move through society undetected.) Cursory lazy conclusions
    about people and organizations are drawn based on meaningless
    PR and brief shallow social exchanges. While I’m sure the suits
    who select the Superbowl sponsers (probabably the most coveted
    airtime there is) are not bastions of great intellectual depth they
    can’t be total morons (they have research staff too.) That this
    cult and the12 step cult would slip under the radar into a position
    of power and widespread exposure (in the case of Scientology I
    refer to running an ad during the Superbowl which is a very big
    deal) says something about this society that isn’t good.

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