All hail @AmazingAtheist on @CNN (oh, and #WilliamLaneCraig’s there too)!

Thanks to CRUCIEFICTION for the only decent link I could find! I realize some people aren’t the biggest of Kirk’s fans and I don’t love everything he does either, but I’m always a fan of exposure.

I find it interesting, too, that CNN chose to interview Kirk given that, other than ranting on YouTube, he arguably hasn’t contributed much to the movement. Sure, he’s entertaining and has thousands of subscribers/followers, but, unlike my man Dickie Dawk, he’s made little in terms of contributions toward helping the de-converted and, unlike my man David Silverman, he’s not a movement leader either.

Maybe CNN wanted a voice of the youngins. Maybe they wanted a more controversial figure. Who knows? Kirk cleaned up well and I hope that he and others like him continue to be included in the discussion. (I’m available most days before noon, CNN!)

2 Responses to “All hail @AmazingAtheist on @CNN (oh, and #WilliamLaneCraig’s there too)!”

  1. Man AA, you almost always take the words out of my mouth. I too am not a fan of that ebegging blowhard. Two seconds of checking on YouTube they could have had asked (maybe they did) Aron Ra or wouldn’t be awesome (Brian Allen’s word) if they had Reap on CNN!

    • I don’t hate Kirk like it seems some do, though I don’t always love what he says.

      I can’t comment on his alleged e begging as I’ve never encountered it, or if I have, I wasn’t aware of it.

      I’m not even sure I have a problem with ebegging. If I thought people would give me money, I might do it. 🙂

      I completely agree, though, that AronRa would’ve been an excellent choice.

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