Not with a Bang: #AWeek passes us by

In case you hadn't noticed, I'm an atheist. And I'm out. So I'm an out atheist. Carry on.

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m an atheist. And I’m out. So I’m an out atheist. Carry on.

I put up the pic on my Facebook profile. I wrote about it here. And as the closing days of A-Week cranked on, I kept asking myself, “Why am I doing this?” By “this” I mean bothering to post the profile pic. In all honesty, the stress of remembering to put it up and the other stress of remembering to take it down so as not to look like a forgetful fool who can’t read the fucking calendar were the biggest events of the week in terms of its nominal significance.

And what did it do? As I pointed out before, everyone I know, on Facebook or off, is either an out atheist, a doesn’t-care atheist, or just doesn’t care at all. So what was I trying to accomplish? A sense of solidarity? I guess. But to whom? For whom? The millions of people who DON’T give a fuck about my Facebook profile? Well, they don’t give a fuck, so they’re not gonna see the pic.

I really don’t know.

Anton should’ve visited me! What a jackass!

Now, had I done anything of real significance during the week, attended a meeting, gone to the Griffith Observatory, you know, something atheist-y or science-y, then maybe I could feel like the week, for me, was justified. But I didn’t do that because I was working and being married. Didn’t get around to it.

So how I’m feeling now is I may or may not do this next year, but likely not. Unless I can easily find something to do that commemorates the week.

And what about Atheist Solidarity Day? Fuck, I don’t know. Check in with me then.

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