My new article “Respectable Spectacles and a Perfect Part” is live on @BridgetGaudette’s @freethoughtify!

So I’m in line to pick up my vanilla Chai latte ’cause I’m Oregonian and that’s how we roll. I’m wearing the hell out of my Dickie Dawk Out Campaign shirt and I’m so caught up in my in-line standing that I barely notice this woman nodding with approval at my shirt.

“Cool T,” she noddingly approves.

“No, but I look like him.” I think I’m being funny.

“No, your shirt. ‘We’re All Africans.'”

“We all are, though admittedly some of us less recently than others.” I think I’m being witty.

She smiles. “So you’re an out atheist?”

“Nah, I just like the color.” I really should stop trying to be funny.

“It’s black.”

“Oh, right. Hadn’t noticed. I’m colorblind. Well, not that colorblind. Sorry, I’m being difficult.”

She nods. Yes, you are. Being difficult.

“Yeah, out atheist. Since 19. And for some reason, I feel everyone needs to know.”

“That’s cool. Makes it easier for those who don’t feel as comfortable about it.”

“About atheism?”

“About their own atheism.”

“I take it you’re an atheist as well?”

“Nah, I just like the free coffee.”

I laugh. Mostly politely.

“Sorry,” she apologizes, “now I’m being difficult.”

“Yeah, well, I started it.”

“You going to the American Atheists convention?”

“I don’t really do conventions. The only one that ever interested me was the one at which Julia Sweeney spoke. But even then, I didn’t get to it.”

“She’s great. I love her de-conversion story.”

“Me too. I’ve seen it live. Twice. Oh, there I go bragging again.”

“You have a neat air about you. Sort of uber-faux-confident.”

“That’s what my wife says.”

“I wonder, would you be interested in writing for my site, Freethoughtify?”

“What’s the ‘-ify’?”

“You know, like ‘Storify.'”

I don’t know. “Oh, yeah.”

“I’m gathering less-represented atheist writers.”

“You mean us poor, straight, white guys?”

“Well, you did say you’re colorblind.”

“That’s true. I did. I’m Anton.”


That’s the literally true story of how I started writing for Bridget Gaudette’s Freethoughtify. The site is clickable through the above logo. My article is here. And soon it’ll be on the right under “My Articles.”

7 Responses to “My new article “Respectable Spectacles and a Perfect Part” is live on @BridgetGaudette’s @freethoughtify!”

  1. LOL! You’re an asshole 🙂

    • Yeah, well, you’re a doody-head–! Oh, I see. The site name. Gotcha. 🙂

      • Debora McGrath Says:

        There is nothing controversial especially in LA about being an
        atheist. To support my fellow comrade in the current climate
        of being female in this society I’d like to mention a few real issues
        that I’ve brought to Anton’s attention. 12 step programs and the
        massive malpractice and criminal fraud that has been perpetrated
        against the American citizens, our powerful institutions and the
        culture. The Amanda Knox travesty. The legally and morally
        unacceptable equasion of slander and libel with 1st. amendment
        rights. Anton in a personal e-mail expressed the mistaken view that slander and libel laws apply only to “journalists” and not
        pundits who also are making very public statements which
        are legally deemed being part of media that is broadcast as well
        as printed to be libel not slander, both are acts of fraud and go to
        intent and potential damage under the larger umbrella of
        defamation which applies to all citizens and the made up bullshit
        about our President needs to be legally confronted. You can’t
        yell fire in a crowded theatre and public misinformation campaigns are dangerous and not legal. That being said Anton
        is a very sweet guy. Let’s get past this shallow 5 minute attention
        span that seems to affect even the noble minded and very intelligent
        Mr. Hill. Sexism is the new homophobia (I want to say racism
        but the bigotry that used to be covert is becoming more blatant
        and psychologically hateful, Anton this is why I post on SodaHead
        to see and hear where the general public is politically, socially
        and culturally. As flawed as we are I am proud to be an American

        • Please quote where I said that libel and slander laws only apply to journalists. What I said was that commentators like Glenn Beck, given that they are not journalists, aren’t bound to the same standard of fact-checking ethics as journalists. If Beck calls the president a communist, though this might be factually wrong, it’s also only Beck’s opinion, thus I’m pretty sure it’s protected under the First Amendment. Though I’m not an attorney, I’m certain that expressing an opinion, even a mistaken one, doesn’t constitute fraud. Otherwise, whenever comedians made public claims of public figures, like when Bill Maher calls people retarded, they’d be subject to charges of fraud. But a lot os covered by parody.

          You’re right that you can’t yell fire in a public movie theater because doing so presents a very real danger to the crowd. Calling the president a communists presents no tangible danger to anyone.

          Sexism is the new homophobia? Since when have women been beaten to death for being women?

  2. I just googled Bridget I didn’t know her activism is directly related
    to women(I just assumed she was some arbitrary blogger Anton
    was getting flirty with in some coffee house and I forgot to mention
    stop that sexist bullshit Anton it’s unenlightened and demeaning
    towards women, Obama just got some shit for quipping about the
    attractiveness of a female judge, remember when I gave you grief
    about Krisfghjy Whatever the “hot’ to quote you bi representative
    from some state with 5 Black people and in making my points
    about sexism I mentioned I was conventionally attractive and you
    responded with a reply that included penis vagina and send me
    a picture I’ll tell you if you’re too old to be a model to which I said
    why would you even assume I would want to do that and are you
    even listening to the points I’m making about qualifying female
    value outside or even within a romantic and or sexual relationship
    to physical attributes being objectifying and dehumanizing and we
    are real people with feelings and ideas though mine are mostly about
    shoes, lipstick colors and nailpolish.) Yeah we’ve had some good times. Women(and Black men) play buy a subtle unspoken set
    of different social rules that are inherintly disempowering. That
    women have the same economic opportunity ON THE SAME
    TERMS the terms are an important factor as men is a big societal
    lie. It’s impossible to be an intellegent woman and not be shut out
    and shut up without contorting to a passive indirectly acting persona
    The aggression towards women has changed from patronizing
    affection to a hostility that was socially unacceptable in my youth.

    • I actually wasn’t getting flirty with Bridget in a coffee shop because we’ve never been in a coffee shop together because the quoted exchange was made up. I thought that was more or less obvious with my claim that it was “literally” true, but I guess not.

      What sexist bullshit? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

      It’s sexist to express one’s opinion on another’s physical attractiveness? Since when?

      It’s sexist to mention the words “penis,” “vagina,” and to suggest you send a picture? Again, since when?

      What’s dehumanizing about finding someone attractive?

      It’s impossible for intelligent women not to be shut out and shut up? Oprah Winfrey, J.K. Rowling, Hilary Clinton, Justice Sotomayor, and many others seem to have done pretty well.

      • Deborah McGrath Says:

        Hi Anton,
        Despite your evasive manuvers and countless restraining
        orders I have found you again. I can’t believe how oblivious
        and insensitive you are to the reality of sexism in society. Pointing
        to Herman Ca(n he even read English, he can’t speak it) in as
        evidence that the Republican party isn’t racist is mindlesslessly
        buying into manipulative shallow tokenism. Oprah is an anomaly
        and a piece of shit who has done enormous damage to the
        culture with her cheap feel good pop psychology devoid of any
        real substance or examination of political, economic, social
        and cultural realities. Favorite Family Guy quote “Wish It Want
        It Do It.” As inspirational as it was when she got that entire
        starving village in Africa makeovers she’s no Bill Gates. I’m
        sure when she issued some platitude about being anything
        you think you can be and how you teach people how to treat
        you (that’s probably why that band of militant rebels killed his
        uncle and raped and murdered his sister) to that little boy with
        the distended belly his life was transformed. Fuck you Oprah
        and the undoubtedly very sturdy horse you rode in on.
        Sotomayor is not very bright, more tokenism, there are
        intelligent Latina women I’m sure (I was taken aback by her
        wise Latina women comment before the ado, I’ve never qualified
        the merits of any of my ideas or opinions with my gender
        that a Supreme Court Justice would espouse that idiotic
        homespun mindset is not in keeping with the serious objective
        thought the job and institution require.) JK Rolwhatever was on
        welfare and an impoverished single mom(not too many impoverished single dads on welfare out there) before she wrote
        her blockbuster books (with a male protagonist) using initials
        instead of a female name which is a ploy sometimes used by
        women in the business world as it removes gender based barriers
        which I’m sure they’re just imagining. Hillary was persecuted
        and villified beyond belief. I’m sure her gender combined
        with her intelligence had nothing to do with the unmittigated
        hatred and demonization she was subjected to by the press
        and public much in the same way Obama’s race has nothing
        to do with the unprecedented hatred, demonization and
        disrespect he is facing. I mean we’re all just people right?

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