I treat you to my 2 cents on the @NationalAtheist party, w/ bits on @ElCaptainPants’ & @msqared80’s activism, in “my two cents|ON THE NAP”

Many moons ago, I was solicited to join the National Atheist Party. I wasn’t too keen, based partially on the platform and somewhat on what I bring up in the video, but did anyway, based on somewhat else of what I bring up in the video.

I’ve felt compelled to share my brief thoughts on the party because I feel like some in the community are gung-ho for it because… they are. And since the recording of the video, I’ve found out that there may be a name change (from “atheist” to “secular”) which effectively renders some of what I have to say completely fucking moot! Enjoy!

2 Responses to “I treat you to my 2 cents on the @NationalAtheist party, w/ bits on @ElCaptainPants’ & @msqared80’s activism, in “my two cents|ON THE NAP””

  1. Excellent video, I can tell you put a great deal of thought into it. I am so glad to see you are asking questions and raising concerns. I hope I can address some of them here, and now…

    Dr. Rogers is a friend of mine and I invited him to the event I recorded him at. He knew that I would be recording him in advance, and came to the event with the understanding that the video was for public use by a secular PAC group and what our name is (NAP).

    It is a great challenge meeting the needs of Libertarian, Green, Democrat, Republican & the rest of the political divisions, people that are members of our organization have. But we try to keep things that we can all agree on as our platform. The things we don’t agree on are different than the things others find disagreement with but that is a good thing. You CAN be a Libertarian or a Green and still find a place for activism and networking in our organization. We do not care about weather or not you own a gun or if you support the XL, what we do care about is weather you want our laws and our government to maintain the boundaries of the wall of separation or not. What we are concerned about is the few things all Secular Americans can agree on. That no mythological throwbacks from a time long past are dredged into legislation or enforced by our secular government!

    We want to ensure that Bible “Law” remains illegal to enforce in the USA just like Sharia “Law”. We care about your opinions and we ask you frequently what you think we should take up or how we should proceed on issues and what candidate you are supporting and why…

    We are trying to build ourselves into a smooth running network that can have powerful political impact in our country. I hope you decide to take an active roll in this process and join us fir the ride! It would be nice to have a skeptic such as your self with us and to be able to put that mindset to goof use analyzing legislation or giving a run through of candidates in your area and how they score on our Meter o` Politrix…

    • Hi Melissa,

      Thanks for dropping by and sorry for the delay.

      Funny that Dr. Rogers is a friend. It didn’t look staged at all. But then since he’s a friend, I wonder why he gave such a softball, non-commital answer to your questions.

      I can understand what you say about the positives of the NAP, but as someone else pointed out, the Green party already addresses that. In the question of survival, I simply doubt that the NAP is the fittest.

      If you’re asking what I support and what I don’t, get rid of that Drop the Senate bullshit Kramer seems so hot on. I don’t care what he says, it won’t fly any time soon and so is the very definition of a waste of time and resources. I mean, seriously, how clobbered in mainstream media do y’all wanna get? I can hear it now:
      “So, Mr. Kramer/Ms. Montoya, you’re the National Secular Party formerly the National Atheist Party. What’s one of your platform items?”
      “Ditching the Senate.”
      “Good luck with that.”

      I can appreciate the desire for and work towards a smooth-running network. I don’t foresee the NAP becoming “powerful” in any sense of the word unless, and this is a big one, you/we become a large enough minority to be a swing vote. I might take action if I thought I had the time/energy. but as you may have seen, Id don’t even update this thing more than once a week. I can, however, take your suggestion of checking out local candidates.

      While I have my doubts, I’m happy you were willing to discuss this stuff with me and I sincerely wish you and the NAP the best of luck in the brutal landscape that is American politics. I’ll keep my eyes on y’all. šŸ™‚

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