I wonder wtf is up w/ @pzmyers (& @IamJadehawk, & #GingerPierce) in “wtf is up|WITH PZ MYERS?”

As I state in the video, I have absolutely nothing against Myers. I’m serious about that. I’ve never met the guy, never spoken to him, and couldn’t possibly care less if he lives long and prospers or croaks tomorrow (Okay, I’d care a little if he croaked tomorrow).

I do admit, however, that in the last couple of years of in-fighting in the atheist community, I’ve made a note to pay less attention to him than otherwise I might have. It’s been my observation that he seems to be a petty, mean-spirited, can’t-ever-admit-when-he’s-wrong, entitled, self-important, blowhard, privileged, white, male, heterosexual, who somehow thinks he has more right to comment on feminist issues than, say, other petty, mean-spirited, can’t-ever-admit-when-they’re-wrong, entitled, self-important, blowhard, privileged, white, male, heterosexuals. Notice I say “seems.” I recognize that I can’t read his mind and so can’t know his thoughts, but his words and actions certainly have demonstrated my adjectives.

And yes, I also admit that I’ve actively avoided atheist conferences that advertise his lectures because 1. I see no point in paying to see what I can catch later on YouTube and 2. of that material, I’ve yet to see anything of any interest to me. Myers is a feminist. We get it. Next?

Every once in a while, though, I venture a challenge to my previous notions on Myers. For example, I saw some link to him complaining about the Pastafarian thing and pointing out some alleged sexism in it. I partially disagreed with him, but saw it as entirely a non-issue. He wants to think Pastafarianism is sexist: have a ball.

When Reap Paden sent me Myers’ little Google Hangout stand-up act, though, I was more than a tiny bit intrigued. I go into it in the video, but very briefly, and as everyone’s now seen, Myers criticized rape jokes in Facebook ads (or was it elsewhere?), then added to his commentary by–you guessed it–cracking a rape joke.

Following are my thoughts on that and on the brutal excoriation that Myers doesn’t seem to have suffered at the hands of self-proclaimed anti-rape-joke, never-eat-your-own feminists.

3 Responses to “I wonder wtf is up w/ @pzmyers (& @IamJadehawk, & #GingerPierce) in “wtf is up|WITH PZ MYERS?””

  1. PZ= Cognitive Dissonance

    • I’d totally buy that if I dind’t know anything about his academic and scientific background. Honestly, I think what happened was what happens to anybody. In polite company, he told a joke. It just happened to be that in that company, during that topic, it was, er, in poor taste. Which of course you can see from the footage. What I love most is that Hawk and Pierce both laughed, but in that sort of “Oops, I shouldn’t be laughing” way. Of course Pierce’s guy was having a dandy old time. I wonder if Pierce instructed him later on how Myers’ joke was NOT funny.

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