“vlog|6 20 13” in which I discuss @MrAtheistPants, @JustinVacula, @BraveHeroRadio, the @NationalAtheist Party, and the @GoodNewsClub!

I’m gonna have to update these more frequently as at least one issue I mention is already moot. Oh, well. What are you gonna do?

As a bit of an update to the thing I mention about the stupid atheist movement, I’m actually not so sure I’ll make a video about it. I’ve become less and less concerned about the movement and what happens to it. Mainly this is due to the fact that I’ve found a direct correlation between what’s going on in the movement and my mood. And here’s the thing:

I like being happy.

That’s right! As energizing as it can be in the moment, being pissed off about boneheaded things that stupid people say or do only carries one till about noon, then one just wants to hear happy, cool stuff. I frankly don’t know how cats like Justin Vacula do it, not only being activists, but putting up with some people’s bullshit.

This is not to say that I won’t ever criticize my fellow atheists again, far from it. If someone does or says something that’s bullshit, I may feel compelled to say something about it, but there’s at least one thing on which I agree with Dave Silverman, I’m getting pretty sick of the shit.

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