My @TheConjuring review is live on @Tumblr!

  Quite a while ago, I officially semi-retired my Tumblr account. The reason for this is that I wasn’t really using it. I’d intended to post things here and also post them there or something like that. The trouble arose that this became a huge time-suck in addition to other time-sucks, so it didn’t seem worth the time that it sucked. That and it was based on the assumption that someone cared what I was blogging about on Tumblr. So it was basically putting the cart before the horse.

In the time since that decision, my Tumblr blog hasn’t grown in popularity, so there hasn’t been any real need to increase activity there except for one very big difference. The whole re-blogging thing! As I’m sure many know, one of the main features of Tumblr is the ease by which one can find things and then re-post (or re-blog) those things to one’s own followers. That’s actually pretty neat as it allows one to simply find cool stuff that one wants to share.

In the time since my Tumblr retirement, I’ve dropped onto Tumblr with the express purpose of finding shit to re-blog. And it’s been quite successful. Successful in the notion that with the goal of using my Tumblr account in a way that does something with it and yet isn’t a time-suck.

Concurrently with the above, I’ve loosely used my Twitter account and Tumblr account to write very brief reviews of movies because just because. Recently, having seen The Conjuring, I felt it not only appropriate to write a review (thus use Tumblr), but also a neat idea to post it here since it was a very atheist-leaning review.

So yay! I’ve found a use for my Tumblr account, one which I can share on here! Whoopee!

Here it is!

One Response to “My @TheConjuring review is live on @Tumblr!”

  1. Fuck your review. Don’t care! I’m concerned with tongue-ing Vera’s butthole. Put her young fuckin sister beside Vera and I’m going from butthole to butthole.

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