“vlog|7 1 13” re: @gretachristina/@RALindsay, @ANewsTeam’s (A+-inspired) con uninvite, atheist church, & no #DOMA

You know it’s old when I talk about DOMA! Catching up with my entries, we have some on someone daring to call Christina on her shit, an A+er subjecting Allen and Moore to their shit, but thankfully some happy on atheist church and the then-recent DOMA decision.

A brief word on the Christina/A+ crap. I don’t see this as improving. I predicted months ago that the community bullshit would eventually lose out to reason, and I stand by that, but I think a lot of blood will be shed before then. As has been seen in more recent line-drawing times with PZ Myers’ rape accusations of Michael Shermer, I fear more staunchly, you’re-with-us-or-you’re-against-us appeals will be made.

And you know, I’m kinda okay with that. If nothing else, it’s blood-sport fun to watch some factions of the community self-destruct. It’ll be interesting to see who will survive and who will self-implode into irrelevance. Now taking bets.

One Response to ““vlog|7 1 13” re: @gretachristina/@RALindsay, @ANewsTeam’s (A+-inspired) con uninvite, atheist church, & no #DOMA”

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