A new leaf. Or something. Or other. (insert: #FtBullies #adhominem)

As even the most casual reader will notice, I don’t post that often anymore. Maybe once a week at the most and lately those have been the amazing, new vlogs. There’s a reason for the lack-of posting. Well, maybe two. One is a simple lack of time. With job stuff and marriage stuff and creative stuff and game stuff and, dare I say, social stuff, even finding five minutes to drop a thought on whatever seems to simply not have happened.

And I’ve felt frustrated by this. In the good ol’ days of ’09, I was talking about shit all the time and much of that was substantive inasmuch as it was about big issues that were popping up in the news and whatnot.

I realized recently that one of the biggest reasons for the difference is that in ’09 I wasn’t working nearly as much. I had time!

But that’s not all.

I don’t know about other writer/bloggers, but I’ve often felt an internal pressure to only publish posts that I feel will rock the world’s socks off. No, not completely. I mean, honestly, I don’t think I’ve written about much that I’d realistically expect to have that effect. But the intention had been not to post unless I felt it had some meat to it. Like an article!

Then it dawned on me the other day. The etymology of the whole thing! "Blog" is a truncation (possibly a better word for it) for "web log" which is just a log one keeps on the web.

Anybody remember Star Trek? I sure do. Remember how during the teaser of most episodes and after every commercial break there was a log? Obviously, for story purposes, the commercial-break ones were to fill the uninitiated audience who’d just tuned in to the pertinent information as to what was going on. But on a deeper (no, not really) level, they were just logs, updates, of the mundanity that had gone down. No waxing philosophical on feminism or the moral implications of Flying Spaghetti Monsters (tag whoring!), but rather simple updates.

That was it!

So with that remembering, I realized to satisfy my frustration, and during the lulls in which I’m working on more substantive issues, I can just fucking talk (er, write)! So here’s my first attempt at doing just that. I promise nothing, but what I’ll try to do is just blab in short or long posts about whatever (in atheism) happens to be rattling around in my noggin on whatever day I happen to feel like sharing.

Oh, and I plan an overhaul of the My Media section too.

5 Responses to “A new leaf. Or something. Or other. (insert: #FtBullies #adhominem)”

  1. I know how you feel, especially about socks. Sometimes trying to top yourself is the road to paralysis. That’s the video rut I got myself into. Although, let’s be real, the kind of live-hating misogynists who hate everything good and decent but like my videos, would applaud a 6 second Vine of my morning shit 😉

  2. […] do that?” Yes I do. “Keep it up, then.” Okay. That’s why I made this recent committment to just write, without the necessity to write full-on articles that are researched, have great […]

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