So now @ZJemptv hates me too, and other sad tales.

Well, here we are! Only day two of my recent semi-committment to write about just, you know, whatever, and already I have a pingback from Zinnia Jones linked to a post she wrote entitled “I Don’t Want to Be One of the Good Ones” which was a bit of a reaction to the bit I wrote here, which had a long title, and went something like “Why (A Bunch of People, Including Jones) Are Better Than You Are.” My post, as I recall, was basically about how some people with whom I’ve interacted (like my Best Friend and Biggest Fan) were naughty, but how others (like Jones, among many others) were nice. It was largely congratulatory in that it spoke on how in the recent infighting times of atheism, there were still those who, even if they disagreed with me, were willing to deal with me with an ounce of courtesy, rather than slip-slide directly down to ad hominems and the like.

And to be clear, though it absolutely delineated between the naughty and nice, it was never intended to be a line-drawing in the sand, as if the naughties couldn’t be nice and vice versa. Maybe Jones didn’t get that.

What was her criticism? Well, okay, I didn’t read the whole thing. Sorry. Once I got the tone of “Anton’s a naughty boy,” I kind of failed to see the purpose of continuing. Jones doesn’t approve, that’s fine, totally her right, but I don’t feel the need to fill my morning with “Anton’s a naughty boy,” then, “Here are some quoted examples,” then, “Oh, and here are some caps of tweets,” then a bunch of commenters who say, “Yeah, he sure is naughty,” and, “I agree.”

From what I gleaned, her criticism seemed to be that she didn’t want to be used as a board in my argument about how people should behave. If I got that wrong, remember I didn’t read the whole thing.


I guess I understand that. Sort of a “don’t use me”?

There also seemed to be a darker tone, though. And this I’ll find it harder to substantiate. She pointed out how I said that I’d called someone on her bullshit. I don’t remember who the someone was or what the bullshit was. I think it was some transgender thing. Wouldn’t surprise me, I’ve been ignorant of and critical of many claims made by many in the trans community.

Let’s just say it was really, really offensive. The tone definitely seemed to lean toward I did something wrong and fuck me. Remember what I said above? That’s right.


I guess I just don’t see why I should care. I mean, rather than choose to have a dialogue about it with me, Jones has made an example of me on her site. No, I don’t see anything inherently wrong with that, I did the same, yet opposite, thing in the post she criticized, but it is kind of indicative, isn’t it? Rather than writing to me directly (or tweeting) and saying, “Hey, Anton, I had these thoughts about your post a while back. Mind if I share them with you? I had a bit of a bone to pick with some of it,” she lazily pointed fingers. I probably would’ve said, “Hey, Zinnia, nice to hear from you. What’s on your mind?” Oh, and Zinnia, if you’re reading this, that invitation still stands. 🙂

But boo-hoo, that didn’t happen. Oh, well. I’m on Jones’ shit list and I’m still gonna go to that barbecue in a couple of hours and have a nice holiday weekend. Toodles!

No, no, not toodles. This is a terrible trans-ition (har har!) into a thought I’ve had for a while and will now attempt to articulate. This transgender issue, I’ve noticed, seems, anecdotally, to be dominated by white women. Privileged white women. And if they’re trans white women, doesn’t that mean they used to be…

WHITE MEN!!!!???

Oh, fuck! Isn’t the trans issue, then, possibly just a socially acceptable way for used-to-be white men to have a cause? To be granted the right never to be questioned? Never to be criticized? To scream, “You’re just ignorant/bigoted/a trans hater” to people like me and then when people like me say, “Hey, I’m just trying to understand,” they can scream back, “It’s not my job to educate you!”? I’m not saying Jones has done that to me, but aren’t all those things socially justified? Just a teeny bit?

Okay, now toodles.

7 Responses to “So now @ZJemptv hates me too, and other sad tales.”

  1. Anton, if they try to say you are misgendering their past, they know better. The point is that they appeared as white male to others before they came out, and thus had that WHITE MALE privilege according to their own philosophy. That’s it. She did have it, and she can’t deny it or twist it as transphobia. Own yo shit, dawg. xD

    • That’s exactly (part of) my point! Before her change (be it physical or solely identity) from male to female, Zinnia Jones was a regular, ol’ white guy just like me. And unless she was born with a female identity (she clearly wasn’t), she enjoyed that terrible white, male privilege for at least a few years.

  2. Anton, there is a portion of the community who can do nothing more than complain about others from their keyboard. They have no interest in actual dialog with the people they criticize or anyone who has a differing opinion. Its important we keep people informed when they tell lies or they are misrepresenting others but in the scope of things they really are insignificant. If you don’t feel secure enough to actually defend what you think is important then its probably all hot air and/or cries for attention and seldom do those ever cause any change. Usually it only isolates and causes a loss in credibility. Enjoy your weekend

    • This, disappointingly, does seem to be the case. Interestingly, since Jones’ post and my response, Benson’s gotten in her jab in which she bold-faced lies about me. What I don’t get about that (and some of Jones’ post), and which I’ll probably write about, is if you’re gonna hate me, fine, but don’t you wanna hate me for the right reasons? Don’t you want your hatred to be based in fact? Otherwise, it’s pretty meaningless.

      Well, here I am keeping (some) people informed of the lies. Like I said above, I’ll write about it soon too. Yes, I agree, in the scope of things, it’s not a big deal. I guess I just hate it when people misrepresent me.

      Yeah, I’d think a loss of credibility would be at least a small concern for the likes of Jones and Benson given that part of their thing seems to be about social justice, ethics, and integrity. Hard to claim moral high ground over someone when you blatantly, publicly lie about them.

  3. Well that was a horrible transphobic way to end your little rant.
    Congrats on undermining every point you made with a display of rank ignorance.

  4. Are you an asshole or just totally stupid. I am a transsexual woman although I do not identify under the “transgender umbrella”. First transsexuality is a legitimate medical condition see for example
    It is far more accurate to say that a transsexual woman such as myself is a woman who was born with a serious birth defect. I will not speak for the transgender population.

    As far as any male privilege for being mistakenly id as male lets consider the facts:
    There is little doubt that my dad realized that I was transsexual when I was about 3 years old. He decided that if he beat on me hard enough he could make me into a man. I was constantly physically bullied in school, as I was singled out and constantly called queer there is little doubt that the bullying was as a result of my classmates, at least subconsciously, picking up that I was transsexual. I was also regularly sexually propositioned and worse. I could go on for pages but it is too depressing. This is real male privilege isn’t it.

    I will admit that there was some privilege that came from being perceived as male, however I would argue that one of the most important part of male privilege is the ability to male bond with powerful males, if you read and understood the above referenced article, you can easily understand that this was never an option for people like me. What ever minimal male privilege I might have had was more than outweighed by the abuse that was dumped on me.

    Perhaps it would be a good idea for you to learn a few basic facts before shooting of you mouth and demonstrating what a bigoted jerk you are. You call you self the Atheist Asshole, well you certainly got the Asshole, part correct.

  5. […] question was what did I say? I told SIP the first hypothesis I mentioned at the bottom of this post. Not only did SIP think I was full of shit, but SIP went on to say […]

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