“vlog|7 8 13” re: @BrianAllenAptJ, @ReapSowRadio, @LeeLem0n, @sikivuhutch & her “#WhiteStuff.”

This is one of the few brief ones. That’s nice, isn’t it? The first bit is simply a shout-out to those whom I appreciate, including Terry of Analyzed Atheist, Lee Lemon, and Justicar.

And before anyone gets on my back about Sikivu Hutshinson (and her made-up bullshit), remember this is my first official mention of her, just that I’ve only now gotten to posting it here.

And a word on her. I know that in the vlog I say I’m gonna make a video about her. That turned out to be a lie. I have no current plans to do so. And in fact, I’m pretty tired of talking about her, so don’t really plan to bring her up again in any context.

One Response to ““vlog|7 8 13” re: @BrianAllenAptJ, @ReapSowRadio, @LeeLem0n, @sikivuhutch & her “#WhiteStuff.””

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