I call out your call-out of his call-out!

Not being an anthropologist or sociologist, I can’t speak with much authority when something is designated as a “culture.” My lay opinion is that in order for something to be considered a culture, it should have some pretty basic features, such as a population, a distinct artistic style in music, dance, visual arts or the like. A proprietary language is a pretty good indicator. Of course I realize this doesn’t apply to all phenomena called “culture,” such as “hip-hop culture,” or “goth culture.” I’d argue that these are more properly “sub-cultures,” being distinct from, but dependent on, a main culture. But like I said, I’m not an expert.

That said, it annoys me when I hear the “culture” designation for phenomena which seem to exhibit very few or zero of the features which we commonly associate with cultures. This is the chief reason I’m unconvinced of a “rape culture.” The notion that a culture is based on, dominated by, or significantly influenced by rape is unsupported by the evidence. But I won’t go into it further than that because that’s not the point.

This is the point –> I have very mixed feelings on this “call-out culture.” I know. I have “mixed feelings” on just about everything. Not my fault life is nuanced. To the call-out. On the one hand, I completely support the notion of the public shaming of negative behaviors in order to possibly at least deter them if not outright render them socially unacceptable. And I haven’t shied awy from this. Or this. Or this. On the other hand, though, I quesiton the utility of doing such a thing. Even when I do it. On some level, I feel like call-outs serve only to bolster the caller-outer rather than accomplish anything of merit.

Take me. In my above examples, not only was arguably nothing accomplished from my call-outs, but in one of the cases, it pissed a lot of people off and made my life very irritating for weeks. This is why I’ve decided to leave the hell alone with most things (at least in the atheist community) unless they really, truly piss me off.

Well, something did.

A few months ago I became aware of the existence of a Person and Person’s Action. I had had no opinion of the Person. Didn’t feel one way or another about Person. But the Action really, really, really fucking infuriated me. Especially when we consider that this Action was, in some regard, committed by other people who were then raked across the proverbial coals for their Action, but seemingly no negative (social) consequences have befallen Person whatsoever.

So now I’m stuck. Person really, really, really fucking pissed me off and my gut tells me Person should be held accountable, especially considering the fact that similar Actions by other people were severaly punished. At the same time, as I spoke about here, I kind of don’t see the point. As much as I’d like to publicly shame Person for Action, it’s like, who cares?

I’m stuck.

What’s worth what? When must we call out? Whom must we call out? For what? I really feel the need to get my shit about Person off my chest, but I don’t wanna deal with it at the same time.

Until I decide, I’ll write about other stuff and just, I dunno, let it simmer (but not fester).

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