#IheardDawkins rigged @TheEmmys!

A couple of days ago, I was watching The Daily Show and they’re all like, “We’ve got Richard Dawkins, bitches!” And I’m all like, “Boo-fuckin’-ya!”

I admit it. Dawkins is my favorite of the Four Horsemen. I’m biased towards Dickie Dawk (some day that’ll catch on, some day). I’m a Dawkins apologist. I love him and want to have his babies. I’ll defend him to the death. Even against my fellow atheists who are like, “Let’s string Dawkins up by his nuts for seemingly, almost, though actually not at all trivializing pedophilia.” If Dawkins were accused of rape, I’d assume he didn’t do it.

Seriously, though, I’m a fan. So imagine my disappointment when he comes out on TDS to promote a book about his life and says nothing interesting at all. Oh, sure, that bit about humans surviving despite themselves was kinda cool, but the rest, meh.

What was I expecting? I dunno. Maybe a bit on evolution, given that that’s his deal. Maybe a bit on one of his recent debates. I really don’t know. I just found myself sitting there waiting, wondering, wanting and going, “I could totally change the channel right now except 1 I’m lazy and 2 this is on Hulu, so it’s not a channel.”

He hasn’t done any wrong (in this case) and I suppose it isn’t his obligation to constantly entertain me (yes it is!), but I don’t like feeling a lack.

Had it been Al Yankovic, he would’ve rocked that joint!

One Response to “#IheardDawkins rigged @TheEmmys!”

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