Thank you, @tombstone969, for your awesome cut #Purpose & more!

I vlogged about this, but that won’t be up before this. I’ve known about Tombstone for a couple of years now. I don’t recall how I discovered him. It may have been a completely random, serendipitous YouTube recommendation (sometimes they’re good). What I saw was the video to “Purpose.”

I loved it and wrote about it here. I remember making a mental note to look up more of his work, maybe buy it, maybe support the guy, maybe be useful, but no, I got distracted and the weeks and then months went by.

Sad face.

Then I bumped into his music again. And again. Still no dropping down some cash. Finally, after talking with the cats at Apostasy Now, I heard MrDragonBeard chat with Tombstone here and I finally thought, “Hey, I bet this guy’s on iTunes, especially given that he says he is.”

I finally bought the album here (I’ll update this link later) and signed up for updates and shit here.

I urge you to do the same.

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