A fistful of vlogs

Qutie a few weeks ago, I realized two things. One, that I was barely updating/writing on here and two that I was barely making any videos for YouTube. With the first one, it kind of made me wonder, “Well, why do you have the site?” The answer was simple, to add a voice to the atheist community. “Do you still want to do that?” Yes I do. “Keep it up, then.” Okay. That’s why I made this recent committment to just write, without the necessity to write full-on articles that are researched, have great links, and structure. The video thing was a little different. At one time, I was making more involved videos. At another time, more vlog-like ones. These (first) suckers took forever to make because I generally can’t stand tons of “ums” and such so I usually try to take a second to cut that shit out, which takes time. Then, if I wanna add any pictures or other clips or sounds, that obviously takes even more fucking time. Several factors in my life changed since I started doing those, including work stuff, so suddenly the idea of spending, say, five hours on a four-minute video that, let’s face it, hardly anyone was gonna watch anyway, seemed like a gigantic, colossal, ridiculous waste of time. As such, I went months without producing anything. I asked myself a similar question to the above one. My conclusion was that I wanted to still do stuff on YouTube, but not what I had been doing. So I started the vlogs.

Astounding success.

By “astounding” I mean easy to shoot, edit, and upload, and by “success” I mean therefore the wasting of time thing has been taken care of. Oh, and I get to talk about shit which I obviously enjoy doing.

Now I have a new problem. I’ve got several vlog entries, which is lovely, but my initial committment had been to

  1. put them on YouTube,
  2. put them on here which
  3. puts them on Twitter (and then
  4. put them on A-News).

The trouble I’ve found is 1 is really fucking easy. It’s the 2, and thus 3 and 4 that are a pain. I’m now about two months behind. I’m currently not terribly interested in writing a separate post for each video as that obviously takes a while. So I thought maybe I’d just have YouTube post directly to Twitter. But then I’m like, “But I want them on my site, dammit!” So now I’m not sure what to do. Making them and posting them on YouTube is so easy, I have no incentive to alter that part of the process. But what happens after I can’t make up my mind about.


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