#IheardDawkins charges $500 a plate (via @edwinarogers & @rdfrs)

Remember how I was all like, “I love Dawkins“? Yeah, I still do, but I found this message from Rogers a little strange.

Hello, Anton

You are cordially invited to a small, intimate evening with Richard Dawkins in Los Angeles, CA.

Li’l ol’ me? He must’ve seen my video inspired by his t-shirts. Oh, wait a minute. There’s more.

Richard will be in the United States to launch the book tour for his autobiography: An Appetite for Wonder: The making of a scientist. To celebrate this event, Richard would like to gather a small group of like-minded individuals to dine and converse about his life, his work, and the state of reason and science in the US. Because of your support of the Richard Dawkins Foundation, we are reaching out to you. Come and enjoy this unique opportunity to dine with the “world’s greatest thinker”, and to support the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science.

Oh, man! It’s not about li’l ol’ me! Oh, well. Sounds good (except for that slightly hyperboloic “world’s greatest thinker” bit). What’s the catch?

A small reception, followed by dinner, will give a select group of Richard’s most ardent supporters the opportunity to chat with Richard as well as other supporters of reason and science.
Los Angeles is the last stop on his book tour. This is your last chance to meet and greet Richard Dawkins up close and personally!
Spaces are extremely limited. Act quickly to secure the hottest ticket in the secular community!

Oh, shit! That sounds urgent! He is a more distinguished gentleman (old). He probably won’t last forever and I don’t know when I’ll next be in England! Must. Go. Now!

Click here for more information or to make reservation.
Date: 10/16/2013
Time: 7:00 PM Location: Los Angeles, Specific l ocation for attendees only!
Cost: $500 per person

Sorry, Rogers, did you say “hundred”? Ouch. Yeah, I’m afraid my dumping-half-a-grand days are behind me, hopefully to return, but behind nonetheless. Sounds cool, wish I could go, totally support the foundation and all that goodness, but I’m saving up for a trip to Greece (and a Wii U).

Please join us for this once in a lifetime event with Richard Dawkins.

I get y’all got a dinner to pitch, but you’re laying it on a little thick. Seeing Pompeii was “once in a lifetime.” Not so sure about Dickie.

Seriously, though, had I had that cash lying around, I’d totally be down and I hope someone does a video or something of it. Meanwhile, I’ll be scoping out more t-shirts.

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