All hail @jennabryson & her @gracefrmotrspc (now in color!)

I first wrote about this here. As I mention there, I missed this great Kickstarter project literally by three whole seconds. Yes, literally. Completely literally. Not an ounce of hyperbolic overemphasis. What I loved about it was that yes, Bryson starts with a statistic on how few ladies are in STEM, but she doesn’t just close it up and start name-calling (like some blog networks I could mention). No, no. She then offers a…

Wait for it…

Wait for it…


Yes, she offers a constructive, fun, educational way by which at least an attempt to solve the problem can be tackled.

Grace from Outer Space

That verison of the project included a book and tablet app for girls (and boys) to learn all about space and other great stuff.

I became a backer. Unfortunately, despite my and many others’ backing, Bryson didn’t reach her funding goal. What’s that you ask? Did she give up?


I was so delighted that, within a few days, she sent out updates basically saying she was re-grouping and figuring out how best to hnadle the situation and move the project forward. Here’s a bit of what I got.

There she is. ‘Grace’ version 2.0. She’s ready to go, Kickstarter approved and all.

This time around, we’re funding just for the illustrations and printing of 1,000 hardcover books. I hope that by going back to the beginning, by starting with the basics (probably where I should’ve started to begin with, but hey, no regrets), we’ll get this concept out of my head and into your hands. Literally. With beautiful, archive quality, professionally printed hardcover book.

And then who knows where ‘GfOS’ will go from there!

Go, Grace! The Kickstarter page is here. The Twitter account is here. Check it out and support!

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