“vlog|10 21 13” w/ @Oprah’s bullshit & @CultureCritic9’s criticism

Fucking Oprah. I won’t repeat everything I said in the entry, but man, to have that much money, power, and influence and to wield it as she does: mind-boggling. I didn’t mention this in the entry, but I think another thing that really irritates me about her is how she seems to automatically garner so much respect. As in even to question her is to commit some terrible crime against humanity.

I experienced this first hand, years ago, long before she’d done most of what I mention in the entry (certainly none of The Secret bullshit yet), when I was in the car with a friend. This friend is a woman a few years my senior, who, upon hearing that I didn’t really like Oprah got very cautiously defensive. “Why do you think that is?” she asked as if my opinion were some disease to be diagnosed. I don’t remember what I said, but it was probably about Oprah’s double-standards of fashion vs. women’s body image, or her stupid give-chicks-lousy-cars days. I really don’t recall, but what I do recall was that mine was an opinion to be proved, goddammit. As the Klingons say at the beginning of bat’leth battles, “Defend yourself!”

So, look, I’m not mad at CultureCritic9. I realize I didn’t make this especially clear in the entry. I’m not even annoyed with him. What I am is perplexed. Assumption, stereotype, prejudice, and bias are unacceptable when they apply to political and cultural minorities, but totally cool when they apply to honky?

Just sayin’.

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