#Halloween ’13 off to a smashing start w/ #AHauntedHouse!

The evening began with some Scream goodness. Not that Emma Roberts bullshit either. No, no. The original and best Neve Campbell. (Did you know her first name is Italian for “snow“? It’s true! Look it up! Sorry, I’m a li’l buzzed on pumpkin ale.) Amazing how almost that entire cast went on to do even more fun work, except for Neve. Sorry, Neve. I’m sure it seemed pretty sweet there for a while.

Pumpkin seeds were rubbed out of pumpkin guts (for roasting later) and it was onto A Haunted House.

The reviews for this film were terrible, and honestly, the trailer made it look pretty dumb, but honestly (Again with the “honestly”? How much ale did I have??) I found it very funny. Especially Marlon sexing up the stuffed animals.

Laughed – so – hard.

Mini pumpkins were carved (should’ve mentioned that earlier), smoked oysters were eaten (no, not a Halloween tradition–yet), a skull paper plate was eaten off of (sweet!), and Trader Joe’s Ghoulie Gummies were consumed (that’s a non-repetitive synonym for “eaten”)!

And that’s only the beginning! I know!

Tomorrow (or rather later today), we’s getting’ our VHS2 on, possibly others, maybe some caramel apples if we can fucking find them, more pumpkin ale, and…


The West Hollywood Halloween Parade, bitches! Because it’s been like 10 friggin’ years for me and never for not-me!

A very, very, happy Halloween! (Ending possibly with the bit in which I whined about my earlier atheist days and halloween hypocrisy!)

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