“vlog|10 29 13” @RobinLever’s apologia, #shilohrenovation, & #MichaelBehe!

I try my best, but sometimes I completely fuck up. When I do fuck up, though, I admit it. This was one of those times. I go into it at length in the entry, but I was all like, “Hey, Robin’s got her info publicly available so she must be okay with that,” but she’s all like, “Nope.”

It truly amazes me how often theists (and deists) drop the ignorance. And please, please, please keep in mind that I’m not saying “ignorance” to mean “stupid.” Not at all. As I admit in the entry, I know next to nothing about thermodynamics. But you don’t see me trying to build an argument out of my lack of knowledge either.

Not so with the god-folks.

Time and time again, I hear some version of “Well, this really neat, somewhat unexplained, or unknown, or just plain impressive thing happens, therefore God!” And I’m like, “Um, or any other possibility.” In fact, I had a conversation a long time ago with this guy who made an argument from ignorance and I asked how he got from “stuff’s here” to Yahweh. He declared Yahweh was the clear winner because… he was.


Anyway, I get into this bullshit on other stuff, including Michael Behe and my jury-duty experience, and it’s just a barrel o’ fun!

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