#SylviaBrowne, say hello to the ground!

Didn’t she see this coming?? Har har har!!

As I’ve said before, I fucking hate psychics. Even when they’re seemingly sweet, TV-show hosts. Browne was one of the worst, though. Not only did she get the usual shit wrong, but she confidently predicted death where–whoops–there was none.

And I take issue with people like Penn Jillette giving Browne (and her family) a pass because death is sad.

Yeah, Penn, death is sad, and that’s irrelevant to Browne’s responsiblity for, and some of her family members’ complicity in, her actions.

My only regret is that my man James Randi never got the chance to take her through his challenge!

Browne actively, knowingly, confidently, financially took serious, often emotionally debilitating advantage of millions, frequently when her victims were in the most vulnerable positions possible. Be it grieving over a dead loved one or clinging to hope of a still-alive one. And for that, she can fucking rot.

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