“vlog|11 13 13” dropping @henderob’s #FSM, chatting w/ Apologist @OriginalDane

This one is so goddamn long. Sorry about that. Wish I could say the next one’s better, but the unedited version is almost as long. What can I say? I had much to say.

It’s true. I’m giving up on Bobby Henderson‘s Flying Spaghetti Monster. Sure, I’ll check out the chuckly memes here and again, but as for paying any real attention or promotion, I’m done. No hard feelings. Still love the food.

As for Apologist Dane (as I call him based on his slightly different self-identification), what can I say there? I tell a pretty detailed version of the story in the entry, but the essentials are we bumped into each other on Twitter, we disagreed on most, agreed on some, he makes the same arguments that all the “lay” (his word) goons make, yet seems to consider himself, er, better.

And if Dane’s reading this (or ends up watching), I’m sure he’ll do some version of:

“That’s preposterous/ridiculous/hilarious!”
–Apologist Dane

But I suspect he won’t actually be able to explain why.

Regardless, as I state in the entry, I openly, welcomingly leave open the invitation for Dane to join me here, on YouTube, back on Twitter, on a Google Hangout or whatever, should he choose. If he has no interest, that’s totally great too. I’ll get to sleep just fine either way.

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