“vlog|11 19 13” #LeeMoore w/ @WeAreAtheism, #EllenBethWachs’ apologia, @Dan_Aykroyd’s #woo, & #FtB!

I’m just now getting to this because there have been a couple of delays. One is that I just moved and, though the physical move itself didn’t take long, the preparation and post-move unpacking etc. has taken a while. I’ve also in the last 24 hours experienced this really irritating thing where my iMac trackpad registers clicks when I haven’t pressed it. This has made even basic tasks really difficult and time-consuming to accomplish.

Pant, pant.

This entry, like the previous, is quite long at about 24 minutes. The difference is I cover more. And the good news is it’s the last long one, for now anyway.

First up, Lee Moore joins We Are Atheism, a site which I admittedly only just started paying attention to due to Moore’s involvement. This is absolutely nothing against WAA, just that I never found the time to get to it on my long list of atheist-related stuff to check out.
Next, and I feel I need to be really clear on this before I even get into it because some people have a tendency to completely (and perhaps intentionally?) get wrong what I mean… I don’t hate EllenBeth Wachs. I don’t even dislike her. So if anyone suspects either, including Wachs herself, they can rest assured it’s not true. I do, however, find some of her actions irritating, which I get into. But it’s not all umbrage. Lots of fun stuff in there too.

StarTalk Radio is a great podcast right up until the point where Neil DeGrasse Tyson doesn’t challenge Dan Aykroyd’s woo at all. Way to science, there, Neil. 😐

And finally, I do a bit of a compare between Julian Assange’s behavior and some things I’ve noticed about FreeThought Blogs.

2 Responses to ““vlog|11 19 13” #LeeMoore w/ @WeAreAtheism, #EllenBethWachs’ apologia, @Dan_Aykroyd’s #woo, & #FtB!”

  1. There are countless examples of people not realizing how they are behaving until they are put in the position of the people they themselves have been mistreating. Your being kinda unfair to expect Ellenbeth to “already know” anything. you have no idea what her personal experiences are and from my understanding she had personal events that probably caused her to have an emotional reaction to an issue. When she became the target for the people she thought were on the same side she gained a new perspective. I don’t mean to speak for her but that is how it appears to me. There isn’t a person on the planet who has no bias on any subject or hasn’t allowed emotion to effect their position at some time. It was good to see Ellenbeth change her position because she was missed by many people who enjoyed interacting with her. If you apply your logic then you would never acknowledge people for correcting mistakes of any kind. For example “Oh you lost 50 lbs? Big deal you should have known better than to gain so much weight” that’s kind of a negative attitude.
    FYI Dan Aykroyd has been a believer in the paranormal for a long time. He has mentioned it publicly remind me and I’ll link you to a site he supports (in private) And last but not least please don’t apologize for wasting people’s time, save time and don’t waste it in the first place. Other than the parts I didn’t like I enjoyed the video keep up the good work. 🙂

    • I take your point on EBW’s possible personal experiences & feelings, but then how far does that go?

      As for wasting time, that’s why I offered the apologia. I admitted that mine was a non-constructive action & that she was right to call me on that.

      I suppose my weakness is I expect those who make absolute claims, or similar, to abide by them. If they can’t they shouldn’t make them in the first place.

      Yeah, I’m aware of Aykroyd’s woo, I just hadn’t heard it put so plainly before.

      While we sometimes disagree, I appreciate your support. 🙂 Please do send that link.

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