“vlog|11 21 13” special edition|#JEHOVAHSWITNESSES! w/ @jwupdates & @godisagui

Before I get into this new one, I have to bitch about what I’m currently doing. As some may have noticed, I haven’t updated recently but for video updates. While I’m glad I’ve gotten to video updates, I’m unhappy that that’s all I’ve gotten to. It’s true that I just finished moving, but I feel like I had a bit of a renaissance of lots of little things as recently as about two months ago and here we are again with only weekly videos. And I guess that’s okay. If that’s all I manage, it’s at least something.

Along with that, I tried a new format of vlog entries where, like everyone else, I record them from the comfort of my office computer. I mean, that’s awesome, right? No need to worry about background noise and interruptions that are replete out in the open on the street. But this morning I attempted to record one. My second fucking attempt. I had a lot of good shit on American Atheists’ current holiday billboard. Then when I clicked “done,” iMovie got all funky. Then it fucking froze. I maintained faith that the video file would still be there. Nope. I maintained faith that maybe it ended up in the trash. Nope. The seconds-long experimental “testing, testing” video I recorded earlier was still in the trash, but not the actual vlog entry. So, for whatever reason, iMovie doesn’t want me to record vlog entries from the comfort of my office computer. I’ll have to do it in the living room or something. So fucking annoying.

Finally onto this entry. As is described, I recorded it haphazardly after a lengthy session with Jehovah’s Witnesses, my first in decades. I tried to take Don Albert’s advice in how to handle the situation and promptly screwed that up. As I go into, though, I did touch on a couple of points that I think were worth it.

Oh, and the sound sucks.

So while I figure out my new vlog entry recording scheme, enjoy the following (and the next two entries)!

3 Responses to ““vlog|11 21 13” special edition|#JEHOVAHSWITNESSES! w/ @jwupdates & @godisagui”

  1. You let me down *crying* j/k, it is usually easier said than done. My wife has forbid me from engagement!

  2. […] it. My first instinct was make another vlog entry special edition like I’d done about the Jehovah’s Witnesses. The difference is that while that was relating my experience with door-knockers, this is about our […]

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