My conversation with #AnalyzedAtheist

I haven’t mentioned anything about this publicly because I wanted to make sure A. I actually went through with it and B. it worked. Well, I have and it does. Over the last several years, I’ve been kind of envious of those who regularly produce podcasts because it seems like fun and I sure do love to talk. I never got around to it for a multitude of reasons, but honestly, most of it was just due to the fact hat I never wanted to deal with Apple.

Then Google came around and started the whole Hangout thing and I thought, “Hey, no need for iTunes with that! That looks really easy!” And then I thought, you know what I’d like to do is talk to people I enjoy or think I might enjoy, nominally about atheism or religious topics, but really just whatever comes up. And thanks to Google, it’ll just be recorded and live on YouTube.

I also, as I mention in the Hangout, made a couple of rules for myself. One is I would do my best not to shit on anyone. I’ve seriously, vehemently disagreed with folks in the past, but I didn’t want anything produced of this to become a bitch-fest about those people. Another is I wanted to keep everything casual and relaxed, no formal interview style, mainly because I don’t know how to do that in any professional way.

And as of this writing, I’ve contacted a couple of people to gauge their interest in doing something like this. I’ve been pleased that everyone so far has been quite enthusiastic.

Enter Terry Sacrey of Analyzed Atheist. I first bumped into Sacrey on Reap Sow Radio and enjoyed his causal style. I told him as much on his Tumblr account. Well, the day before the Hangout, I contacted him to ask if he’d be interested and warned him that I had no idea what I was doing and if it were okay with him, we’d just see how it went.

It was and it did.

Below is our hour-long chat about all kinds of things. I admit I didn’t even get to some of what I wanted to, but that’s the nature of a conversation.

Finally, if you’re reading this, I want to do a Hangout with you too. Yes, even you. Hit me up. Or maybe I’ll hit you up.

3 Responses to “My conversation with #AnalyzedAtheist”

  1. Great job fellas

  2. […] been kind of proud of my new stance. Especially in the hangouts, I’ve had so much fun chatting with people I like or admire (because those are mutually exclusive), I’ve not even bothered to think […]

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