Random shit for Friday

Okay, so I’m never getting around to writing anything. Maybe that’s okay. I’ve found a lot of satisfaction in the vlog entries and now the conversations via Google Hangout. And if this site becomes a front for that stuff, well, I guess that’s what happens.

I was thinking last night as I accidentally stayed up all night catching up on a horrendously long list of tweets from Robin Lever, that I’ve definitely noticed a couple of trends in our correspondence. This is news to no one, but I’ve found it useful reminding. One is the reminder of something I learned a long, long time ago: people will believe whatever they want. This isn’t just religious folk, oh, no. This is anybody. I suppose it’s natural; we seek patterns, seek to confirm our belief. It’d be pretty difficult to exist were we to question literally everything all the time. I suspect we’d become quivering globs of solipsists. And nobody wants that! Anyway, the thread I’m kind of getting to is Lever’s, and most religious’, ability to justify and rationalize absolutely everything. One tweet that stuck out in my head was how I and others quoted the KJV with verse where Moses/God commanded people to kill other people and take some as slaves. Lever had previously asserted that God never commands people to kill (the tweet which I of course can’t find).  Faced with this, she didn’t say, “Oh, I guess God did command people to kill people.” She justified it as being okay because God ordered it. But see, that was never the issue, though it’s an important one. The issue was simply whether God had, in fact, given the order. Which he had.

So that was one kind of thread. Another is the loosely defined Christian-Nation notion. I won’t deny that Christians are the overwhelming majority in this country, and if that makes the country “Christian,” then it must also be a woman nation. Point is, I agree with the sentiment per that definition. But when people go off saying dumb shit like “All the founders were Christian and wanted this to be a Christian nation,” that’s when I sigh. To be fair, Lever didn’t specifically say this, but she said a lot of similar things. Granted, many founding fathers at least self-identified as Christians, but I was shocked when I learned years ago that Jefferson had edited the Bible to cut out all the supernatural stuff. Yep, all of it. Jesus’ divinity, resurrection, miracles, etc. All of it. I pointed this out to Lever. Boy did the excuses fly. One was about how Jefferson was under political pressure. Another was just because he didn’t believe in the divinity didn’t mean he wasn’t Christian. One of the more recent was how Jefferson was teaching on ethics, not religion, so my point was invalid. I still have no idea what she meant by that.

There were other threads I could discuss, but I’ll leave it at that. i think my point is that in this months-long discussion, I’ve learned that there is a pretty standard Christian narrative in this country, it’s largely based on complete dishonesty and Arguments from Ignorance, and I guess I’ma little shocked at that. See, I figure if you wanna believe bullshit, fine, go ahead, just don’t teach your children that science is bad, don’t legislate it, and we’re good. But if, in order to maintain your bullshit belief, you have to justify genocide and revise history beyond comprehension, what does that say about your belief?

So I’m behind on my vlog-entry editing and in the current one, I’ve mentioned Hemant Mehta, Rebecca Watson, and SkepChicks, made claims of them, and so have to fucking go and do some research. had I just not said anything, I could’ve had it done by now. But no, I had to go and assert things. I won’t get into those assertions or the results of my research, but I will say that my previous bias against Watson and Skepchicks remains fully intact and my previous slight bias against Mehta was not quite warranted. He’s annoyed me at times, namely when he said that Dawkins’ “I don’t know” about Dawkins’ knowledge of his pupils’ alleged sex abuse was “not okay,” and, upon asking him what would’ve been okay, he didn’t have much of an answer, but in my research, I’ve skimmed much of what he’s written about in the last month and some and I have to say I’m impressed. The content is varied and fair and that’s much, much more than I can say about other atheist bloggers out there. And while I don’t expect to always agree with Mehta, I look forward to future musings from him.

So this Duck Dynasty thing is such bullshit. For all kinds of reasons. I’m gonna talk about this in my next vlog entry so I won’t go into too much here, but I really wish people would read the fucking Constitution. It’s not that long and it’s really not that complicated. You don’t have to be a lawyer to understand it.

I don’t honestly give a fuck that Mr. Dynasty is a homophobic jerk. There’s lots of homophobic jerks and I don’t get my undies in a twist every time one of them says soothing–gasp–homophobic. I do give a fuck that nobody, and I mean nobody, seems to fucking understand the First Amendment. I totally agree that Duckie has every right to publicly express his views. I also agree that the government has no right to stop him. A+E, however, is a private (I think) corporation and his employer. Until A+E runs for public office, the Right can shut the fuck up about Duckie’s free speech being violated.

Okay, enough on that as I’ll definitely cover it in the next entry. Thanks for reading.

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