“vlog|12 11 13” @AmericanAtheist, @MrAtheistPants, @DaveMuscato, #Christmas w/o #Christ: #Xmas

The thing I love most about American Atheists’ last few years’ rash of billboards is that it’s brought a ton of attention to atheism, especially through David Silverman’s (and Dave Muscato’s) appearances on Fox News (among other places). I generally feel that both Silverman and Muscato then usually do a great job discussing the billboards, but I do have small concerns that I address in the entry.

As a further point that I barely brought up in the entry, it seems that the word "Xmas" has a very long history, long before the 20th century, which discredits the opinion that it’s a "new" or invalid reference to Christmas. Find out more on the etymonline.com page linked on the entry’s YouTube page.

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