I voted on @jennabryson’s @gracefrmotrspc!

Because I’m a badass backer of Jenna Bryson’s Grace from Outer Space project (though I don’t recall my actual rank), I got to vote on an aspect of the book today. I won’t share what specific aspect because I imagine Bryson needs exclusivity as an incentive to her backers, but I will share that it was a color-based thing.


The question was on the color of an animal in what looked like the design for some kind of playing card. I don’t know what the animal is, so I had no prejudice as to what color it should be. I figured I’d just pick whatever color I like best.

A little context. Due to my achomatopsia (which I seem to wear like a fucking hat these days), I generally look at my iMac screen in reverse colors because a lot of backgrounds of apps and web pages tend to be lighter, which is harder on my poor retinas. The poll page for Grace was no exception. So I’m looking at these animal pictures and they’re looking nearly identical. I switch to normal colors and they’re still looking pretty damn identical. I trust that Bryson has better taste than to design a graphic where the choices are white, white, and white, so I assume the problem is with me. And I’d be right.

Blue, green, and orange.

Goddammit. Blue/green I can never tell apart. I think I’ve gotten that distinction right a handful of times in my life by pure, blind luck. Yeah, yeah, the ocean and sky are blue and grass is green, but the only real reason I know those is that I’ve been told them.

Rather than completely fuck up Bryson’s project with a blindly picked color for he animal, I go with the easy choice. I pick the one that has tended to work for me in most color-picking scenarios. I don’t know that it’ll make much difference, even if my vote prevails, but I figure I earned the right to vote on this so I’d exercise that right.

I guess we’ll see, won’t we?

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