Random shit for Friday

Something really pissed me off today and I’m not sure what to do about it. My first instinct was make another vlog entry special edition like I’d done about the Jehovah’s Witnesses. The difference is that while that was relating my experience with door-knockers, this is about our own community.

Yes, again.

I’ve made a semi-promise to myself, not only in my new hangouts, but also in general, to try to not shit on people and organizations anymore. Beyond the selfish motivation of not getting into any more flame wars, I’ve simply come to realize that it’s basically a giant waste of time. And believe you me that there have been more than one occasion in the while since making that decision when I’ve been tempted to cry out “fuck you” to those who’ve pissed me off.

I’ve been kind of proud of my new stance. Especially in the hangouts, I’ve had so much fun chatting with people I like or admire (because those are mutually exclusive), I’ve not even bothered to think about those who often piss me off.

Then today happened.

I saw reference to a blogger talking shit about my old friend Lee Moore. When I say “shit,” I mean not only was it ad hominem, opinion-based subjective shit which can’t be falsified, but it was also some factually based shit that can, and should have been, falsified.

To some degree, I don’t mind the subjective stuff. What the blogger thinks about Moore is entirely up to the blogger. I believe strongly in freedom of thought and if the blogger wants to be a jerk, that’s the blogger’s business. What bothers me is when the blogger’s thoughts enter conjecture, subjunctive. Statements like “[Moore] wanted.” What? “[Moore] wanted”? And how the fuck did you determine what he wanted? Opened his brain, dug in, and read his thoughts? No?

Then shut the fuck up!

As I told another blogger months ago, look, I don’t give a shit if you don’t like me; I don’t even give a shit if you hate me. I do give a shit about fact and that you support your statements about me with it. You’ve chosen not to and thus, knowing that you are speaking at least from unverified notions or, worse, from outright falsehoods, you are a liar and have no business calling yourself a skeptic (which becomes awfully inconvenient when you choose to have a truncated version of the word “skeptic” right in your web site’s title).

I thought about making a video. I thought about including this discussion in a future hangout. I honestly think both are a waste of time and energy. What I may say in a future hangout, but definitely now is, look, if you want to disagree with someone, have at it. If you want to say you don’t like someone, more power to you. But if you choose to do so, no matter how much I might not like it, how much it won’t accomplish anything, won’t build anything, at least do your fucking homework and base your statements in fact.

Thank you.

2 Responses to “Random shit for Friday”

  1. Ranting is good for the ‘soul’… too bad we don’t have one 🙂 Now I will have to investigate!

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