No technical difficulties this time! I first heard Al Stefanelli on Reap Paden’s Reap Sow Radio, though I don’t recall which episode. I was immediately struck by his tone and demeanor. Calm, smooth. That voice! I also saw a couple of his YouTube videos and at least one article he wrote in response to someone’s assertions on feminism. Months later, I suggested on Twitter that he and AJ Johnson do a podcast together, even if only a one-off, due to both their great voices. Interestingly, they both were like, "Yeah, let’s do it! Make it happen," but I wasn’t about to due to the time and effort it’d take.

So here’s a sloppy second! No, no Johnson (yet) since these are all one-on-one, but the smooth, sweet Stefanelli is all yours for the taking.

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