“vlog|12 17 13” @sundayassembla #godlessrevival @nyc_atheists #sweetcakesbymelissa @rezaaslan

This is the first one I’m not pimping on Facebook, other than the fact that it automatically appears on my page from a Twitter forward.


I’m so glad you asked. The reasons are two-fold.

  1. It’s a pain in the ass constantly hitting that “share” thing and searching for groups
  2. I’ve not noticed any significant difference in views whether I promote or not
  3. Since I’ve ended these anyways, per my recent hangout announcement, I don’t see the point

Onwards, this one was mostly about my lack of understanding and interest in Godless Revival/Sunday Assembly, my lost-in-the-woods lostness over the legal and ethical implications of the shit that went down for Sweet Cakes by Melissa in Portland, and a touch on Dr. Reza Aslan and his book Zealot.

One Response to ““vlog|12 17 13” @sundayassembla #godlessrevival @nyc_atheists #sweetcakesbymelissa @rezaaslan”

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