My hangout|WITH @DIDGYA

My big regret with this one is that at one point, I say something really compelling (of course), Didgya attempts to get a word in, but I don’t hear him so I go on and on and on and you can clearly see him just give the fuck up on that one point because he probably knows he won’t be able to insert it. And I have no clue the entire time.


Seriously, though, this was, partly thanks to the fidelity of the connection, one of the more conversational hangouts I’ve had so far. Kudos to Didgya on that.

3 Responses to “My hangout|WITH @DIDGYA”

  1. Why couldn’t I ‘insert it’😆😆😆😆😏😆 🙂 Once again Anton is accidently hilarious! It was my fault for the sound quality, I didn’t have a proper mic for everyone to hear my ‘Ummm’s’clearly. Thank you Anton I had a lot of fun… Even without the insertion. 😜😜😜⊙_⊙

  2. […] My hangout|WITH @DIDGYA. […]

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