Untitled whining about my #NDE video

Back when Apartment J was doing video-based stuff, I did this segment on NDEs.

I’m the second to admit that it’s not… fantastic. I feel like I didn’t put a lot of effort into it, I obviously make zero citations of research, papers, whatever, and there’s even a few "um"s I wish I’d cut.

In my defense, I was on a deadline and it wasn’t like it was that serious. Granted, the show’s called "A-News," but it’s not like any of us is a completely legit journalist.

A commenter, Leigh Goodman, called it, among other things, an "ignorant rant." This only partly offends me. The "rant" part I’m kind of okay with because it is my sitting in front of my webcam talking. No cutaways to graphics or anything, no, as I mentioned above, citations. Just me spilling my guts. While there’s nothing inherently wrong about this, it is sort of run-of-the-mill YouTube mediocrity.

The "ignorant" part bothers me a bit more. Most of what I say is just my opinion, mostly explaining my objections to the claims of NDEs, and an anecdote about my mom’s claim of her own. Honestly, it’s hard to be ignorant about most of that as it’s impossible to be ignorant of one’s own opinion.

There was a detail, however, that Goodman cited, that I honestly don’t remember. (You can read our exchange in the comments.) It was something about that I allegedly claim that CT scans have registered activity during NDEs in the pleasure center of the brain. Goodman asked about my research. I basically said that I don’t recall what I was getting at and that even if my claim were false, that wouldn’t, by default, make the claims of NDEs true. Asserting such is a false dichotomy.

We went back and forth. He ripped into me on credibility and how worthless my rant was, you know the usual YouTube nonsense. The one thing that stuck out for me though is, let’s go ahead and say that what he said about this "pleasure center" thing is completely true, that I fucked that up.

I didn’t have to.

That’s what bothers me. Had I done a bit better of a job on the video, not just talked at the camera, even though this was a semi-informal piece for A-News, I wouldn’t have left myself open for obviously, lazy gotcha moments.

At this point, I’m considering redoing one of these, possibly under the same name, so I can do it right. At the same time, I think that may be a giant waste of time and I can just chalk up the above video to a learning experience, both on YouTube, and in the general arena of knowledge-seeking.

I guess my point to all this is I could’ve done better, chose not to, and thus left myself open to irritating trolls (I hate that word) so–>stupid me.

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