Random shit for Friday (#triggerwarning: #shit)

So there’s this thing that’s been floating around the community. This hybrid of triggers and trauma and all that that entails or alludes to. The first weird thing about this to me is that it seems to have only surfaced within the last couple of years. But wait a minute. Trauma and its effects (triggers) has been around most likely since humans were self-aware.

So why now??

I suspect, as some feminism critics have pointed out, that some got hip to the notion that if one claims trauma in an issue that others lose their ability to criticize one’s thoughts on the issue, for fear of “triggering” the one and thus receiving serious social retribution.

Just a hypothesis.

And it’s not to say that trauma and triggers don’t exist; certainly they do (more on that in a sec), but the tide seems to have been turning in the direction that potentially ANYTHING not can be, but is triggering, and must, then, be treated with hot pads so as not to trigger.


Not everything is traumatic. Not everything is triggering.

But like I said, more on that in a sec.

The second weird thing is I actually see very little reason why this shit should be of any real concern to either the atheist or the skeptical communities. Like at all. The only reason I can think of is that when one claims implausible trauma and his critics are criticized for criticizing him for it, then that stupid word “hyperskepticism” jumps in (I’ll link later). Other than that, the whole question of trauma and triggers doesn’t seem to be at all related to skepticism and only slightly related to atheism (concepts like Hell and such).

In the interest of the interest, I decided to engage in an intellectual exercise, you know, for shits and giggles. Following are words and phrases which are my triggers. This is absolutely serious. When I am exposed to these ideas, whether hearing, seeing, or otherwise experiencing them, I suffer either mild discomfort or downright memories-rushing-back trauma.

In no particular order. Here we go:

  • “(white) tube”
  • “(not) playing”
  • “mug”
  • “(this is a) non-starter”
  • “brain”
  • “hospital”
  • “iPhone”
  • “doctor”
  • “death”
  • “Up”
  • “liver”
  • “health insurance”
  • “will”
  • “pomegranate”
  • “piano”
  • “ICU”

I’ll stop there. Now, take a look at that. Take a good look. Honestly, what the fuck are you supposed to do with that? “Tube”?? “Piano”?? Shit, you can’t get very far in life if fucking “piano” is a trigger. Well, it is. And it’s something I have to deal with a lot. No, not every day. No, I don’t break down crying every time I hear or see the word, but it is a trigger.

So here’s my question. Must you, a fellow human, post trigger warnings or watch your mouth if the subject happens to wander around health care? Is that honestly a truly reasonable expectation for me to have? As I saw on Facebook, someone described her aunt being murdered and years later someone invited her to a murder-mystery dinner. The raconteur found the notion of such an activity triggering. Well, no shit. So would I. But did this person expect everyone in the world to A. know this and B. be sensitive to it all the time?


And neither do I. It’s my burden to bear. Not your problem. Just as you can’t read my mind, I can’t expect you to.

That said, if you use any of the above triggers around me, as well as the ones I didn’t spell out, you’re a fucking asshole and deserve to die.

2 Responses to “Random shit for Friday (#triggerwarning: #shit)”

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