So I’m whining to Buck Bowen about how people make lame jokes about the site name and he’s like, “Why not call yourself Atheist Hipster?” and continually pokes at me for being a hipster–

Which I’m NOT, by the way!

Hipsters have to be cooler than cool, on the edge, the forefront, have thick-rimmed glasses, think everything’s ironic all the time! I only think things are ironic sometimes!

Hmmm, for someone claiming not to be a hipster, I’m being awfully defensive, aren’t I?

Anyway, Bowen and I discussed how much dicks we atheists always are (yes, always) and his excellent album Truth Before Comfort, which you can find at that link.

Specifically, following are linked two of my fave songs from that album. The first one is a fun rendition on Sagan’s deal and the second one, Bowen just rips the shit to shit! Great stuff.

The Dragon in my Garage Page One


And here’s the iTunes link.

Oh, right, and here’s the hangout.

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