The religious bullshit in #MondaysatRacine (#triggerwarning: #cancer)

I stumbled on this little gem pretty randomly. I’d barely heard of it (for which I blame the media–evil media), but I was immediately taken by its premise. Two sisters, whose mom died of cancer, run a beauty salon where, every three weeks on Monday (hence the title), they provide free service to cancer patients, specifically women who are losing their hair to chemotherapy.


It was pretty damn good. In fact, I think my only real complaint is that the eponymous store owners seemed minimally featured. Makes sense, on some level, as it was more about those who praticipate in the Mondays, but still I would’ve liked to get to know the sisters a bit better.

It was also a very difficult film to watch. As I mentioned here (link later), I’m not immune to triggers of traumatic experience, and this doc certainly had its share. specifically, my godmother died of cancer this past summer, so some of the material hit straight home.


Given all that praise, and yet that I’m writing this, yes, there’s a reason.


There’s a married couple, Warren and Linda Hart. She’s been battling cancer for almost 20 years. He’s been by her side (or mostly, as is later revealed) ever since high school (they’ve been married almost 40 years). She early on invokes God. You know, God has a plan, hasn’t taken her yet, has let her watch her babies grow up, all that stuff. She at one point says something about how she’s working hard to get into Heaven. This confused me because I thought current Christian doctrine professed that it wasn’t works, but rather faith, that got one into Heaven, but whatever, her delusion, not mine.

Shockingly, this wasn’t the stuff that irritated me. Look, if Linda wants to believe not only in God, but that he’s gonna keep her around till 92, that’s her prerogative. And yes, it irritated me a little, but not nearly as much as…


At some point, he whines and whines about God and letting this happen and how he doesn’t believe in God anymore and how he’s gonna–gasp–write a letter to the church officially telling them he’s not going anymore.

Oh, boo-hoo.

Remember, I’ve been around cancer. This isn’t new shit to me. Real suffering happens to real people, but come on, Hart, give me a fucking break. What, your wife gets cancer, survives it for almost 20 years and that makes you not believe in God anymore? See, if you’re gonna discard God for his seeming dispassion towards human suffering, I’d think more likely candidates might include (but not be limited to) the following:

Those are off the top of my head and only in the last hundred years. Presumably, Hart knew about at least some of these and who knows how many others. Did he never question God’s divine plan regarding any of those? Never? I see, so when it’s someone else’s suffering, that’s the plan, but when it’s your wife, suddenly life’s not fair and God’s forsaken you.

Fucking bullshit.

With the religious, preposterous doctrines are Convicted True Faith Trueness… right up until the point where they’re inconvenient. Then suddenly it’s all about you and your pissy problems. Grow the fuck up, Hart, then shut the fuck up.

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