Random shit for Friday (#triggerwarning: #privilege)

It’s not technically Saturday yet so this still counts!

Okay, okay, so I had so much fun with this, even though it was honestly a little rough what with some of those words I wrote (as opposed to cooked?) that I’ve come to this.

Which I’ve actually meant to do for months now.

There has been a lot of chatter–and I mean a fucking ton–about this concept of “privilege.” As I said here, I feel there’s a great deal of validity to the idea and many of its implications. As with many things, though, I also feel there’s a huge aspect of absolute, utter, no-getting-around it bullshit.

As with the previous exercise, I’m now going to list what I consider to be my privileges. These are all things that I feel I truly benefit from, much more so than others, but some of which you may not have considered. And the bullshit aspect is you probably should consider the lesser ones, but you don’t because you’re a fucking cherry-picking, enraged-when-it’s-convenient jerk.

In no particular order:

  • white: blindingly obvious. People with my melanin level have had unchecked power in most of the world for most of recorded history. It’d be stupid to deny this so I don’t. Part of this privilege is I’ve been either sometimes or completely unaware of some benefits. Like the fact that I didn’t know what “DWB–driving while black” was until recently.
  • tall: admit it, you never consider this. Fact is, though, at 6’1.5″, I’m taller than most people I ever meet. I have very little idea what it’s like not to be the tallest person in the room. This may not seem like a privilege, but for evidence, I encourage you to talk to any man who is less than 5’10” and ask him how dating’s gone. No shit, women tend to overwhelmingly prefer taller men. So much so that the shorter men lie about their height. I had never heard of this phenomenon–height lying–until three years ago. Seriously.
  • night vision: due to my achomatopsia, I can see pretty well at night. As such, I’m very comfortable in almost all places at night. In fact, I’ve only felt unsafe in two places ever. One was only due to the fact that I’d just been warned that two guys were gonna jump me. They didn’t, but for the 20 minutes I thought they might, I was terrified. Before and since, however, fear of darkness and what it may bring are foreign to me.
  • male: I have no clue what sexism is. At least not in any real way. I’ve heard a lot about it, especially having been raised by a feminist, but all the explanation in the world will never make any experiential difference so more explanation’s to come.
  • heterosexual: with all the rights and privileges therein. This is obviously changing quickly, but it’s still an immense advantage to be straight in this culture.
  • lower-middle class: I have no idea what it’s like to not know where my next meal’s coming from. Angela’s Ashes was an intellectual exercise journey into implausibility.
  • metabolism: I can literally eat whatever I want. Always. Since forever. And I see almost zero weight gain. Calorie counting is completely meaningless to me.

I’ll stop there. Feel free to add to the list. And feel free to hate. I’ll just laugh all the way through my next doughnut I buy at a slightly trendy store from a short shopkeep who completely trusts me.

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