This one was different. Pretty much the opposite of the one with Lee Moore. It’s much shorter than that one and we don’t talk about any controversies at all! That’s right. Nothing in-community and nothing beyond. Okay, it’s true I say a word or two on Mark Wahlberg and Sarah Silverman, but I’d hardly call that controversial. This time, it’s just chat, which even in the hangout I gush over so much, I hope that trend continues in future hangouts.

2 Responses to “My hangout|WITH @BRIANALLENAPTJ”

  1. […] hangout, unlike poor Zoe Jen’s (we knew her well), but very much like Brian Allen’s (we knew him not-so well) has decent sound and was almost entirely conversational, not delving into […]

  2. […] to do with the community. The only other two times (that I remember) were with Karla Porter and Brian Allen. Walford and I chatted about our mutual love for horror films (though we had some serious […]

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