My hangout|WITH MARY H

This one was quite different. Due to the fact that this past Sunday was Jewish Lich Day, I took the day off in terms of hangouts since I’d already recorded this one with Mary.

That’s not the only difference. She’d contacted me out of the blue on this site looking for an interview on anarchy and atheism. So this hangout is that interview. Thus, the usual stuff of “How the fuck are ya?” and “Final Word is to you,” are missing. What you do get, though, is:

  • Lots of talk about Libertarianism
  • My criticisms thereof
  • Including my hard-hitting questions to Mary on why she supports it
  • Her adorable kid dropping in to say hi
  • All in about thirty minutes
  • With these bullet points

Kick pack, relax, and enjoy Mary’s defense of Ron Paul and come back next week for the usual hangout goodness!

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