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I know what you’re thinking. “I thought you stopped doing these vlog things!” I had. But I also had this backlog of at least one edition which had been published on the YT, but which I hadn’t posted here. And I have I think four more entries which I haven’t even edited. I know what you’re thinking now. “Why bother?” Um, because.

Though I shot this months ago now, as I recall, the Jahi McMath case was a very sad one in which McMath went in for routine surgery, but fell into a coma. As of this writing, I know no updates in her status. I believe the controversy was the question of whether the family had the right to keep her alive in assisted care because their religious belief was that prayer would help. Not to be caustic, but it sounds like prayer hasn’t (again).

The second item is probably all about the Boy Scouts opening their ranks to gay boys (not scout masters). I also haven’t paid attention to this story because I really haven’t paid attention to anything Boy Scout-y since I wrote my now-famous (in my head) letter in which I denounced not only my membership, but also my Eagle award.

I’ll get to the last editions when I get to them. Yes, this means probably weeks or even month away. Hold on to your knickers.

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