My hangout|WITH @ZOEJEN_

I issued a warning on the YouTube page, which was essentially that it seems there’s a good bit of feedback/echo/reverb. The tiny bit I watched there doesn’t seem to be any, but I’m certain it creeps up later. I hope it doesn’t ruin what Jen has to say as that’s the whole damn reason or the hangout.

And now with no further ado, some serious Twitter-hashtag-activism bashing!

4 Responses to “My hangout|WITH @ZOEJEN_”

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  2. […] hangout, unlike poor Zoe Jen’s (we knew her well), but very much like Brian Allen’s (we knew him not-so well) has decent […]

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  4. […] You win most, you lose two. As with my hangout with Zoe Jen and my hangout that didn’t happen with Don Albert, this one was plagued with problems. First, […]

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