Random shit for Friday (#triggerwarning: #DickieDawk, @richarddawkins)

How about some random shit, eh? Seriously, it’s probably been three weeks since I’ve written one of these. And today I decided intentionally not to have any topic. So here’s my stream of consciousness on stuff.

By the way, there are like four or five pieces I’ve been meaning to write that I bloody well haven’t gotten to yet. Very irritating. Nothing ground-breaking. Nothing that’ll go "viral," I expect. Just things that have come up which have interested me.

Okay, this has nothing to do with anything atheistic, but I can’t get it out of my head. Last few weeks, I’ve had not one, but two demon-based dreams. I did not have one today. This one was worse. I dreamed that I was at my grandparents’ house (long since sold since they’re both dead), waiting for something, Jon Hamm was there (yes, that Jon Hamm), and my mom and some friends were upstairs while my grandmother was downstairs puttering around and listening to something on the radio. Long dream short, granny hit the floor and her heart stopped. I pretended not to notice as I went to the living room, kind of hoping no one would put together that I was standing near her and had done nothing to help her. My mom ran downstairs and freaked. Even shorter, I had to give grandma mouth-to-mouth.


The granny in this dream was really old, really gross, slobbering everywhere. It was fucking disgusting. But I did it. I gave the old lady mouth-to-mouth and it worked. She revived. Which is I don’t think at all how that works.

Okay, that’s off my chest. Disturbing fucking dream, right?

More random shit: yesterday, I wore my Dickie Dawk shirt about our all being Africans to work yesterday. I may or may not link any picture or anything. Thing is, I’ve worn the shirt before, even uncovered, for all to see, but not at this job, at the last one.

I did feel a certain level of shame, as if I were doing something bad. Oddly, I barely felt that at the last job.

I live in LA and have been an out atheist for almost 20 years now, and yet wearing the ol’ Dickie Dawk Foundation shirt made me nervous. I don’t know what I expected. To offend someone? Perhaps. I have no clue as to the religious affiliation, assuming any, of my co-workers. I definitely had the survival instinct of "new job, don’t fuck up" looming over me.

I even made sure there was no possibility for the shirt to accidentally reveal any of its text. Really weird, huh? I was a total coward who cared more about the possibility of alienating new co-workers than his principles. I guess I’m a very, very cheap sell-out.

Speaking of which (the shirt, not selling out), it’s already starting to fade. Very saddening. I really like that shirt and don’t particularly want to replace it. I suppose two or so years is a good length of time for a shirt, but it doesn’t feel that long. Possibly because I had this one shirt with a cute, Latin motto on it (semper ubi sub ubi), which lasted more than ten years before starting to fade. Different manufacturers? I don’t know.

Anyway, gotta get to work. Random!

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